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Tales of Zestiria Chars (Pack 2)

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Ripped via Ninja Ripper and PC version of Tales of Zestiria.

These model's arn't rigged at all. If nothing opens, use Noesis to convert the DAE files to FBX and use the FBX files to import into any modeling program. Max files included is for max 2012


if ur 3ds max cant open, i have the models in DAE format. Just use the textures from the packs above.!k80U2QKJ!7uNoIOEjXNy…
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i have a question, do you know if there's any way to rip this with the ingame rig?
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I've looked into it on multiple websites, but there is no way of getting the models with their original bones and rig, which sucks.
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Sorry for bother you, but can you convert these models to a blender format? thank you for reply
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The files can easily be opened in blender, or just convert them to a different format with Noesis.
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I tried again, and it doesn't work, can you please convert only sorey to Obj pr Xnalara file? please, is important!
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I tried to open the file but when I try to load it says that the file is unknown...
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Sorry to bother you, i really wanted Sorey but i can't rig the facials etc... I just re take MMD cause i had stop till now but somehow i miss mmd XD 
So, have you someone who can rig Sorey ? I don't know anyone >< 
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Nope sorry.
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Ah ^^' no problem if only i could find someone who can >< 
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Hello! I've love your models! <33 And is there a way I can get the link if it's not a bother?
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Hello, could i please request for the link for sorey? if you don't mind of course.
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Can I have these models please?
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Send me this models pls)
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may i please use these models?
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Hi, can I get the link to download the files?
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If I download this, can I then use it in VRChat? I mean, am I able to rigg this models and then use them without problem? If I can, could you send me the links of all this ToZ chars packs? I'll try rigging them and then uploading everything here
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Have you been able to rig them? I'd love to use the models but i have zero idea how to rig them. I've tried some tutorials but it seems the programs just die on my comp xDIf you dont mind and if you did rig them, may I ask you for them? I have no intention of using them for nothing than just personal use, as in, videos just for me and friends. Not to be released to public.
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Hey, great job getting these models! Could I have pack 2 please? Will credit you if I use, thanks!
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