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Vorchagirl Commission Colors

By DStPierre
Commission for :iconvorchagirl: of her Mass Effect FemShep and Mass Effect 3's James Vega. Turns out it's a cover for her fanfic "Lights in the Sky" which you can find here:… :D

Artwork by me

OC & Image (c) :iconvorchagirl:
Mass Effect (c) BioWare
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© 2015 - 2021 DStPierre
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Oooh. So romantic.:D :iconInloveplz Perfect!!!
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James needed to just be a regular Romance Option. I would have so dumped Kaidan's ass XD
DStPierre's avatar
I still loved me some Kaidan... but yeah... agreed. :)
queen-of-olympus's avatar
Oh don't get me wrong, I loved me some Kaidan too. But I'm still kind of butt hurt over Horizon, and if it weren't for having to do Garrus in 2 to romance him in 3, and Thane... :icontearsplz: I would have so dumped Kaidan for one of them, or gone for Vega if he was a romance option.
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This is a great piece to fit a great story.  You really managed to capture the emotion between them beautifully.  I was impressed with the line drawing but the colour really adds depth to it.  Very nice.
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Thank you so much!!
VaryagOfMiklagaard's avatar
I thought that was a human Garrus for a second ill I pulled up the full image.

Lovely this is though.
I likes it.
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This is amazing! I love the detail!
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Ooh I love it! And I love Shega :)
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I really love this - it is absoloutely perfect and was exactly what I was hoping for! The colours, the posture and the feel of the picture is exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you so much! ^_^
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My pleasure! :D 
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It looks like you captured a true moment here. Bravo!
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beautiful piece!!
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Thanks Jamie! :D
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