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Rainbow Power Twilight Sparkle

By dstears
I suppose this is a followup to the Rainbow Rarity piece where I only take the parts of the rainbow-power design that I like: big glowy wings and long sparkly hair. I decided to leave out the glowy hooves because it made things too cluttered.

Download for bigger.

Edit: Can't believe I forgot to put a link here. :iconshuxer59: made an amazing sculpture based on this picture:
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Would you be okay if I used this as a thumbnail/background for some Twilight inspired music? I'd definitely credit your work and link them here.

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Sure! As long as you include a link back there is no problem

One of my top favourite MLP art over the years.
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I surprisingly still like it too :)
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Bioluminescense Power!
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This... is... AWESOME!!!!!

(only words I can think of for this marvelous piece. GREAT JOB!)
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hey i hope you dont mind if i use this for my song called strange magic i am going to give credit you can find it on youtube soon my name on youtube is cinderwing
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this is Amazing! i love this picture i dont see anything like this
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Wow... This is bucking amazing c__O *Fav + Watch*
No words for how amazing this is.....
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This is lovely, I Love it!!
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I wish they didn't overdo those transformation designs in the show and went with something more elegant like this!
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because little kids FREAKIN" LOVE rainbows xD
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OMG... this is truly beautiful...!!! Love it... :wow: :omg: :omfg: :O
The effects and details here are amazing! I really like that blur effect! :D :D :D
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Amazing! Incredible! What detail, what feeling! Bravo! :D :huggle: :heart:-Kay
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Love the mystical glow on the hair and wings.
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