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So yeah, an update of sorts ...

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 10, 2013, 11:02 PM
  • Listening to: Blues
  • Reading: White Night (almost done)
  • Watching: Streaming Netflix while multitasking
  • Eating: Pho
  • Drinking: quite a bit of coffee
If you can't run, you crawl. If you can't crawl ... if you can't do that ... find someone to carry you.
- Firefly, The Message

Work. Work. Work. Seems that is my main focus nowadays. Guess that's what I get for being the boss.
I have a lot of ideas for this little outlet of mine, but little time for execution anymore. Did post a couple of items lately, to decidedly little fanfare.
Juggling as much as I can as of late, but motivation needs a swift kick in the pants. Working on that.
Need to spend more time creating content instead of consuming it, but I feel like if I step back from the social networking I'm somehow neglecting things. Sad really.

It'd be great to hear some feedback on what I've posted so far this year. Seems like this part of DA has dropped off in recent times. I guess it is what it is.

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