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Cyberpunk. Otaku Place, Street View

By dsorokin755
Kyoto-Tokyo. Overpopulation, global warming and endless wars have plagued the planet for the past 50 years, We are now in an age of peace, but the atmosphere is tense. The population is embadded with cybernetics, SMART AI, robots, clones, nanotech and other advanced technologies. Police, Military and Corporate mechs control the streets. Cameras and drones monitor every street corner.
This world is dense and complicated.
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Awesome cyberpunk city, looks like Blade runner ambiance!
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This is awesome. Anybody else who would want to try to live there?
It actually looks like a place in HK...
потрясающе! мир в который хочется погрузиться, исследовать, проводить время) вот бы игру запилить
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Thanks, man. I still have plans to get back to that project. So everything is possible. )
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Love the graffiti and the people in the scene.
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   Press start
Nice easter egg!
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I wouldn't consider it an easter egg. It's more like another angle to see the Otaku room. )
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So, Twenty Minutes Into The Future?
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Haven't watched it, sorry. )
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Max Headroom, good show.
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классная атмосфера!
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Значит усилия были не зря. )
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please continue, this is insane work,
such an inspiration!
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Thank you!
I'm thinking of it. Thinking of it...
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Interesting description! Great mood setter.
Nice work :)
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Thanks, man!
That description was my assignment. What you see is my interpretation of it. )
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