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I Take a Long Time To Do Shit

By DSMeatte
This idea popped up when I realized that I've owed people stuff for a REALLY long time :|

I'm sure it fits alot of people here too :D

Many thanks to $zilla774's Stamp Template

10/17/08 EDIT

At long last, I have finally fixed the transparency problem. Enjoy.
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Definitely using. ^^

I'm very tired to stand people asking for their pieces whenever i finally manage to finish some commissions...

I have my times, dammit. u_u
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This is very true. 
When I ask for requests, I don't complain if they're not done straight away, in fact I completely respect the opinions and the readiness of everyone. (Of course, I may ask them if they're starting on it or if they're almost done, but I won't be nagging or pressuring them.)
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ME. I am using this. Forever.
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finally, a stamp for people like me, who take forever to shit
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basically me in a nutshell.
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Good warning to give to those whom I'll actually grant requests for.
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ESPECIALLY while working a full time job :/ Folk be rushin you like you don't have STUFF TO DO OUTSIDE of DeviantArt...
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I almost thought it read "I TAKE A LONG TIME TO TAKE A SHIT."
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That could be possible too but that's personal stuff so I'm not sure if I wanna know
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