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iLight by Dsma

Hi... it's my new theme... only for Nokia 5800

Arhives content Theme, theme with DI icons, logo, walls, frame for yours own walls...

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1 Of the Best Themes on Nokia 😁👌👏👏👏
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Спасибо ))))
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Works in Nokia 5530?
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I think - yes
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Good Job! I like it
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:love: it looks so cool !!
You did a great job :D
It's so beautiful!!!
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which program did you use to edit this?
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Carbide UI TE 3.4
What an incredible theme!!!!!

hey, friend! I have one question!

When I extracted your iLight theme, I found 2 .sis files.
(iLight DI by Dsma.sis & iLight by Dsma.sis)

Could you let me know what difference between iLight DI by Dsma.sis & iLight by Dsma.sis. ???

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Thx for your comment
iLight DI - with icons of firmware
iLight - with my icon pack by iPhone style
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классно было бы еще какую нибудь обоину с фиолетовыми оттенками
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Можно использовать стандартную от Мак ОС Леопард
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