Hello all!

I'm Jason (aka Kriegs) and I run a website called dsktps.com

With dsktps, I wanted to house a collection of wallpapers from a diverse group of artists and photographers, all featuring different styles and designs. We've been live for a year now and the site has been a success!

But lately, I've been wondering how to get more people aware of the site and showcase even more wallpapers that aren't on the site. That's where this group comes into play. My goal is to allow any deviant to submit to this group and showcase your wonderful wallpaper creations. But on top of this, I'll be handpicking select wallpapers to showcase on the dsktps.com homepage!

So what are the guidelines? They are pretty simple: make sure your wallpaper is at least 2560x1440 in resolution. That's it! If your wallpaper is selected to be featured on the dsktps.com website, I'll send you a note with more information.

I hope you enjoy the group and the amazing wallpapers that will be featured here!

- Jason

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