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Harry Dresden and Sue, the T-Rex

Harry Dresden, created for the Dresden Omnibus 'Wizard at Large'.
Painted traditionally, Oils on Board.
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Dear gods! I barely find any fan art of the Dresden Files. Thank you!

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That's from Dead Beat, isn't it? I loved that book the most. :D

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One of the most awesome scenes from the entire series.
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Most epic scene from the entire series!
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May I use it on my handmade item?
I just read Dead Beat and now I finally understand this painting. Yay!
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Great job!! I made a comic book page involving a T-Rex, check it out:
Jurassic Fantasy (colour)
Pretty much one of THE definitive illustrations of Harry Dresden ever done ! I'd love to see your versions of my favorite two supporting characters: Molly Carpenter and Morgan !
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Let's you do this in Black Ops!
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It's a good thing the Council rules forbid necromancy: If this kind of stuff happened more often, we'd die of overexposure to SHEER AWESOMENESS! :+fav:
This scene in Dead Beat makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. Great illustration!
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I held off checking out Dresden Files art until after I finished what is available from Butcher .. and this was the first piece I came across. So. totally. worth. it. I loved that whole scene with Butters, and your art is amazing!
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Living the dream
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Dead beat ! My favorite Dresden book for now :)
Very good painting
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Love this, absolutely love it! I only wish I could see Butters hanging on with the polka suit :D
OMG I found you! I've used this picture to give none readers a glimpse of how awesome the Dresden Files are. Thank you for helping me influence people into reading the books!
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Have this book too. :)
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I've wondered forever where the original of this came from :) Perfect.
There's a reason it's the go-to for Dresden.
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Best fanart ever LOL
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Whoo, finally found the legitimate source of this.

This is a brilliant, brilliant image :)
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I see this and one quote comes to mind
"Polka, will never die!"
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I remember seeing this awhile back, no idea why I didn't favorite it then. Loved this scene so much, love how you painted it!
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