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Dresden and the Denarian

A portrait of Harry Dresden created for a private collector. Oils on Board, 25x40 inches.

For a complete oil painting step-by-step, and a bunch of alternative sketches, go here:
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Typical Demonscum :D always trying to pay their way out with coin. :lol:
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May I use it on my handmade item?
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I know this was a custom commission, but would there be any way to get a print of this? I'll be seeing Jim at an upcoming con and would love to get him to sign it.

This is the best piece of Dresden art I've ever seen, and I can think of nothing else that shows him this well.
This is absolutely amazing.
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Saw this in an ImagineFX issue and thought I would fave it.  I love it. :D
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Awesome! I love Dresden!
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"The building was on fire....and it wasn't my fault..."

Harry Dresden - Trouble Magnet
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This is phenomenal! Beautiful work, and wonderful subject matter!
Late to the convo but just gotta say, regarding the show, why did they cast a Spanish woman as Murphy and a white woman as Susan? That's entirely backwards. Certainly it's more to do with the acting than appearances it just bothered me. Also, Harry is always wearing a hat in book covers even though he maybe only ever wears a hat like that once. 
I like seeing Lash in the smoke/embers of his staff.
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pic is still awesome though.
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denarian should have 4 eyes. and the for is too like a classical demon. descriptions in the book were different. 
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Warpwind, this isn't a specific Denarian... it's just a generic, unnamed one. Though, I know the exact one you're referring to (I've painted him on an actual cover for SF Book Club). The client wanted an amalgam of lots of different scenes, so we made stuff up this image. You'll also notice Lash hidden in the hellfire flames. She wouldn't have been in the story as early as the Denarian you're referring to either. The whole image is a made up scene, perhaps a side mission that you might only hear about in 'Odd Jobs' or the like.
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I understand that. the point is the demon is too generic, i would prefer to see one that looks like a six legged bear with 4 eyes. 
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OMG It's Harry Dresden art! I died. This looks fantastic.
Yes he is that badass.  Excellent job on drawing Chicago's most awesome wizard.
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First, I feel I must say this:

The television series was horrible!!! Nicholas Cage was the executive producer of that disgusting offering they sacrilegiously called the "Dresden Files" TV series. And the only fitting punishment for that transgression is to be sliced open a few dozen times in sensitive areas of his anatomy and then tossed naked into a very large vat of salt. Then when he is begging for death, drag him whilst hog tied to the rear bumper of a classic VW Bug to the nearest landfill or toxic waste dump, and beat him the rest of the way to death with an aluminum baseball bat!

I know that all sounds quite extreme, and I would never want to see it actually done. But that's the kind of impulse the television series inspired when I saw it. I had read everything up to "Changes" and was still smarting from the emotional response that book's finale had evoked from me after getting deeply attached to the entire cast of characters. So seeing what they did with the television series was tantamount to heresy for me!

The only person that could be trusted to do a Dresden Files television series (and that has a proven track record with this genre) would be Joss Whedon. And it would have to be done by the BBC because only they seem to be smart enough to give new shows proper respect. For proof of this, I submit Doctor Who and Farscape as evidence that BBC knows how to launch a show correctly from the beginning. Sadly, I highly doubt we could ever get Mr. Whedon and the BBC connected properly to bring this all about.

Also, The Dresden Files MUST be a television series, and not a movie series. Only a television series could give Dresden Files the longevity it would  need to properly explore all the minute-but-important details as well as the various primary and secondary story lines woven through the book series that make it so dear to us. And Jim Butcher's style of ending most chapters in a mini-cliffhanger would even lend itself to giving the producers of a show good places to end and begin episodes.

This has all been my opinion, and I am aware that Jim Butcher is on record as having approved of the television series. All that being said, there was one thing about the televiion series that I liked. I liked Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden. If you would like to see him in something notable without exposing yourself to the Dresden Files TV series, you need look no further than the "Arrow" television series. he currently portrays Detective Lance in that series.

For some neat stuff that some of you may not know about, I offer this link:…

It leads to an amateur fan made trailer on YouTube for "Skin Game", the newest Dresden Files book. The people who made it have done multiple Dresden Files projects. They are amateurish, but their work is still entertaining. I'm going to get off my soapbox now, and leave you all in peace.
jim butcher didn't mind it. It's never going to be the same and what I saw was okay
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I confess I quite liked the TV show. Was it accurate to the books? Definitely not. But it was still a good show. I feel it captured the 'spirit' of Dresden well. Achieving that balance of adventure, mystery and a smidge of campiness is WAY harder to pull off than it looks, and they really got it. It was charming. The show also managed to bring new readers to the books, and that's always good.
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OMG! Harry Dresden! Awesome!
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"Teach YOU to fuck with me."
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