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Dan Dos Santos Dead Heat

For the novel 'Dead Heat', by Patricia Briggs.
Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Board, 20x30 inches
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May 16, 2014, 9:23:50 PM
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StaticBat83's avatar
Love this picture. So beautiful.
talis13's avatar
This is really beautiful- however I also feel all of your book cover work I've seen is. :) You get such wonderful intensity with the character's eyes; it's really gorgeous and amazing to look at. I love the play of light and shadow and the background with the stars is truly lovely. Such a beautiful piece!
Lormet-Images's avatar
Fabulous work, I am a big fan of your lovely artwork! I also happen to like the books that your artwork appears on. :)
You are incredible. thank you for giving one of my favorite characters a human face (his werewolf face is awesome, too!)
Yulynn's avatar
Can we get a print of this!? <3
LinkWarriorInGreen's avatar
Stunning! I love Charles and Anna so much, cannot wait for this book to come out. You capture their character wonderfully.:) (Smile) 
Patricia Briggs was at our local comicon this weekend and I asked her whether there was plot significance to Charles being human on this one. She explained the road to that cover, and now I need to get my hands on the Alpha & Omega books that convinced the powers-that-be. I picked up a print of the Fair Game cover at the con, can't wait for a chance to put this one on my wall too.
chameequa's avatar
HOORAY for this! I adore your cover art for Patricia Briggs (and other authors too!). Everything you've done for her books has hit the nail RIGHT on the head.  Your interpretation of the characters is always just gorgeous.  Now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for this one too.  Thank you so much for bringing such beloved characters to life so perfectly!! You rock. 
ShadowPupStudios's avatar
Love the eyes. You have a beautiful style.
Just saw your other cover get a DD, and I could not be more psyched to have found you online. I adore your artwork. This illustration might be my favorite book cover of all time. Love this so much!
leloops's avatar
hey, thought it was digital at the first sight, i'm jamsession from ca btw, please teach me how to achieve this level of smooth realism on real canvas and i'm your servant for life :laughing:
DSillustration's avatar
Leloops, the first thing is, it's not canvas. It's gessoed illustration board. It is extremely difficult (and frustrating) to achieve this level of detail on canvas. I have a lot of free tutorials on my website if you're interested in learning more specifics. If you're REALLY into it, I even have a 5hr. DVD available that walks you through the whole process.
leloops's avatar
thanks for the quick and elaborate response, wouldn't expect such quick return given your tight schedule as a pro, i'm more than happy :))). though i'm not into it in a professional manner, but at hobbyist level, i'm very willing to improve and learn as many techniques as possible to be able to create decent paintings worth the time and effort i can invest on very limited basis due to my rl job. i'll definitely check your website and tuts, plus the DVD. again, many thanks for your valuable help :)
Goldenwolf's avatar
GAH!  Love this!!  And finally Charles is in human form! :D  You're such an awesome painter!
DSillustration's avatar
Yay1 I fought for that. I've been dying to see Charles in human form on the cover too. Glad you like it.
Goldenwolf's avatar
You're the man! And you did him total justice :)
Arivina's avatar
*cries* Charles! Ana! Ahhh I love this book series! I love your art style! Sooo beautiful! This is one of my favorite couples! So do you like get the book in advance? How do you know what to paint???
DSillustration's avatar
lol. Big secret, Arivina... Patty writes the books AFTER I do the covers. We talk about what she has in mind, and then I just take it from there.
Ernimator's avatar
I LOOOOOOOVE that you are still doing traditional illustration in a world where everybody (including myself) is doing mostly digital art. Two semi opposable thumbs up. GROG like.
DSillustration's avatar
Thanks, Ernimator. I started doing illustration long before digital painting was an option. I guess I'm just stubborn like that! It's nice to hear that's it's still appreciated though. Thanks.
Ernimator's avatar
You're very welcome. It's very much appreciated, especially when done so well.
Al-pal98's avatar
Shadows look flawless. o_o :o
Planedrifter's avatar
beautiful! marvelous work!
theunbrilliant's avatar
fancy!!! Love it. 
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