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Outworlds Republic Majnoon Heavy Tank

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The Majnoon is one of the Outworlds largest battle tanks. While not as large as the AFE's Broadside or Excalibur Heavy Tanks it dwarfs the OWR Wraith and Centurion tanks. Its armour exceeds that of main line AFE battle tanks such as the Panzer X and Stug X but yet again falls short when compared to AFE heavy tanks. However it manages to maintain a significant advantage in speed over the heavier AFE units.

It mounts two machine guns for anti-infantry protection in addition to its primary weapon a plasma cannon capable of firing directed energy bolts at speeds in excess of 3000 kilometres per second over long ranges. Additionally the Plasma cannon emits a wide spectrum EMP when fired. This has a negative impact against any target hit but not destroyed by the weapon as well as units close to the projectile's trajectory.  Outworld commanders are well aware of this and will ensure the Echo stealth tank is well out of the area of effect of the EMP whenever possible as it can overload and disable their stealth technology.

Additionally AFE military intelligence has been unable to determine where and how the Outworlds, who has technology has always been many years behind, managed to develop a directed energy weapon of such power. The capture of an intact and operational Majnoon is a high priority for AFE military so as to allow their scientists to examine the technology behind the weapon. However to date no functional units have been captured as any crippling damage to the tank invariably causes the primary weapon to overload destroying its functionality completely. It is unknown if this a direct result of damage or a self-destruct safeguard to protect the technology.  

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