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Robin by dsguy411 Robin :icondsguy411:dsguy411 3 1 Princess Hifumi by dsguy411 Princess Hifumi :icondsguy411:dsguy411 2 0 Beta Pokemon by dsguy411 Beta Pokemon :icondsguy411:dsguy411 6 3 Violet - Civilian Outfit by dsguy411 Violet - Civilian Outfit :icondsguy411:dsguy411 5 0 RQ - Makeover Contest by dsguy411 RQ - Makeover Contest :icondsguy411:dsguy411 20 4
Terra Academy Episode 86
Terra Academy
Episode 86: Under Wraps
by dsguy411
A bright, sunny Tuesday was shining on Terra Academy and Mrs. Hartford, the teacher for the Extraterrestrial Cultures and Ethics, were leading a huge class towards the museum.  Among the group was the Terra Trio, of course Marcus was looking glum.
"Such a bright and shiny day," he sulked, "And we have to spend it with a trip to the museum?"
"At least you are outside, be glad about that," Rachel whispered.
"Okay, class," the short-haired brunette spoke, "Today we got a special treat for you all.  Now, I have been teaching you all about the Regalians, the Aquarians, and such and such.  Now, it's time I told you about races that were."
"Were?" asked a girl.
"Yep," Hartford nodded, stepping up to a sign displaying what looked like a plaque with Egyptian-like artwork, "Now behind me is an example of something found in ancient times.  Upon first glance this may look like something you find in Egypt but it was discovered in
:icondsguy411:dsguy411 2 1
Private Shayde by dsguy411 Private Shayde :icondsguy411:dsguy411 1 0 Image From a Past World by dsguy411 Image From a Past World :icondsguy411:dsguy411 2 0 RQ - Lynn Bowling by dsguy411 RQ - Lynn Bowling :icondsguy411:dsguy411 12 4
Terra Academy Episode 85
Terra Academy
Episode 85: The Talon's Mark
by dsguy411
In the middle of downtown Sandshore, late at night, a male Terra Patrol officer was just walking around and monitoring the streets, illuminated by the lampposts.  In the man's right hand was a communicator that he is using to connect to the HQ.
"Anything to report?" asked a female voice from the communicator.
"Negative," the patroller replied into the communicator, "Seems to be another boring night here.  My shift is almost up so I'll be heading back up to the HQ very soon."
"Alright," the commander agreed, "Just finish your route and head back."
The man put the communicator on his belt and kept walking through the town.  Then, from behind, an explosion was heard coming from behind.
"YIKES!!!" the man cried, getting knocked to the ground from the shock wave.
Getting up, the man turned to see a repair shop on fire.
"Boy, I guess Clank had a faulty wire," the man assumed, picking up his communicator, "I got a fire on M
:icondsguy411:dsguy411 2 3
RQ - Nawara Rolex by dsguy411 RQ - Nawara Rolex :icondsguy411:dsguy411 2 5 RQ - Alt 2.0 by dsguy411 RQ - Alt 2.0 :icondsguy411:dsguy411 7 4 Tomorrow by dsguy411 Tomorrow :icondsguy411:dsguy411 2 2 UB ?? - Miasma by dsguy411 UB ?? - Miasma :icondsguy411:dsguy411 5 1 UB ?? - Overgrowth by dsguy411 UB ?? - Overgrowth :icondsguy411:dsguy411 4 0 UB ?? - Empty by dsguy411 UB ?? - Empty :icondsguy411:dsguy411 4 0


Mitsuki and Lily by SB99stuff Mitsuki and Lily :iconsb99stuff:SB99stuff 247 66 Space Leni by X3corez Space Leni :iconx3corez:X3corez 117 13 Sayaka Miki by YugiNep Sayaka Miki :iconyuginep:YugiNep 84 2 Bowsette by norithecat Bowsette :iconnorithecat:norithecat 347 9 Loud in the Clouds by jmdoodle Loud in the Clouds :iconjmdoodle:jmdoodle 139 22 Collab | The ghost is here! by DanaDani Collab | The ghost is here! :icondanadani:DanaDani 170 13 Thwompette by Plasma-dragon Thwompette :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 59 10 Spooky Librarian by IMG157 Spooky Librarian :iconimg157:IMG157 2 0 Temple selfie by BluFlameStudio Temple selfie :iconbluflamestudio:BluFlameStudio 134 26 Princess Peach's Super Crown Comic by HeroineMarielys Princess Peach's Super Crown Comic :iconheroinemarielys:HeroineMarielys 98 18 Crowns by Karasu-96 Crowns :iconkarasu-96:Karasu-96 35 8 candy kingdom by RetroNeb candy kingdom :iconretroneb:RetroNeb 29 0 [R] Chibi Leni in a Poncho by JTrexe [R] Chibi Leni in a Poncho :iconjtrexe:JTrexe 93 12 Commission: Raphmon for nkmblackhyuuga by Cerulebell Commission: Raphmon for nkmblackhyuuga :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 32 0 Happy Birthday (Request 2). by BluFlameStudio Happy Birthday (Request 2). :iconbluflamestudio:BluFlameStudio 92 16 Pokemon - Rotom by oddsocket Pokemon - Rotom :iconoddsocket:oddsocket 150 2

Terra Academy

For DandyAndy1989: Deep Space Trouble by OceanPictures61 For DandyAndy1989: Deep Space Trouble :iconoceanpictures61:OceanPictures61 9 10
Terra Academy: Universe-ity
One day, Professor Hopkins was giving a lecture on a theory that not many science teachers had given in early last century.
"And when you calculate the similarities of our universe with another's, chances are that it is possible to explore said other universe and study its likeness," said the professor.
The students were very intrigued with that. Marcus looked at his amulet real quick, having a thought.
"Multiple universes?" he thought to himself curiously.
"Professor," Amanda responded raising her hand.
"Yes, Amanda?" the professor asked.
"Some people don't believe in such a theory and believe it to be outlandish," said Amanda. "My parents had told me something like that."
"You can't always believe everything your parents say. Sometimes, you have to take chances," said Simon.
"That's a nice statement there, Simon, but I did not see you raise your hand," the professor pointed out.
"Whoops," said Simon.
"I'm just saying, I need a little proof, is all," said Amanda.
"Well, be that
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 4 9
AT: Terra Academy Girls squashing Marcus by mastergamer20 AT: Terra Academy Girls squashing Marcus :iconmastergamer20:mastergamer20 11 26 AT: Robin's Inflated Landing Comic by mastergamer20 AT: Robin's Inflated Landing Comic :iconmastergamer20:mastergamer20 11 18
The Terra House
Captain Dreadbeard was at it once again on the high seas of the Terra Archipelago. He was pillaging different islands of their most valuable items and not having a care in the world.
"Yar har har har har! Finally, we be rollin' in dough here!" he said.
"Captain! We be coming up to familiar land!" said his first mate.
"What? Familiar land?" Dreadbeard asked.
He looked to see that they were sailing over to Sandshore Island and its museum was having a new relic to be on display tomorrow. It was a clock that could allow them to travel through time.
"Ar...there be a treasure worth collecting," he said.
They landed on Sandshore Island to get their hands on their relic, unaware of who would be waiting for them.
"With this clock, we can travel anywhere and anywhen, past, present, or future," he said.
"The only future you'll be seeing is one behind the brig's bars," said a familiar voice.
"Ye landlubbers?!" Dreadbeard questioned.
He saw that it was none other than the Terra Trio and their frien
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 7 6
Group Tickle Torture by Waddle-Dance Group Tickle Torture :iconwaddle-dance:Waddle-Dance 9 1 Quick Doodle - Hypnotized and Tickled by Waddle-Dance Quick Doodle - Hypnotized and Tickled :iconwaddle-dance:Waddle-Dance 7 3 Mimi's Got the Giggles by Waddle-Dance Mimi's Got the Giggles :iconwaddle-dance:Waddle-Dance 8 4 Quick Doodle - Kiss to the Cheek by Waddle-Dance Quick Doodle - Kiss to the Cheek :iconwaddle-dance:Waddle-Dance 1 1 Robin's Got the Giggles by Waddle-Dance Robin's Got the Giggles :iconwaddle-dance:Waddle-Dance 7 6
Terra Academy Training Video
Pan shot from space; zoom in down to the Earth with Terra Island and its famous school Terra Academy shown on the center
Narrator: Hello. What you are looking at is a school that is the heart of many different people from across the universe. This is the one and only Terra Academy. The school where people train to become part of a great force known as the Terra Patrol. Protectors of all innocent beings, human or otherwise. You are now watching this instructional video, DVD, Blu-Ray, or any other media that has been invented in about this time.
The school's campus is shown
Narrator: This school has been the first choice by many around the universe, and there are so many different species that have mingled with the humans of this Earth. This may not look like it, but this school is quite older than one would think. And it goes back to the founder of this school. A brave man who risked his life to keep the peace between humans and al
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 2
[REQUEST] Ticklish Princess by solidservine97 [REQUEST] Ticklish Princess :iconsolidservine97:solidservine97 20 8 Well-Rounded Robin by LightningRod728 Well-Rounded Robin :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 16 12
Terra Academy: Science Fair Enough
Terra Academy was having its annual science fair soon and all the students were hearing about it.
"Look at that! The annual science fair is coming up!" Simon said excited.
Marcus didn't really seem all that interested.
"I think I'll sit that one out," he said.
"Yeah, you're not really the kind of guy who would wanna make something worthwhile," said Rachel.
"It's just that I don't really see what I could come up with. I mean, what if it's not that great?" Marcus wondered.
"It's okay to at least try, Marcus," Simon told him.
"You'd probably make something great. Either that or a volcano, which is the biggest cliche of all time," Rachel added.
Marcus didn't like that last part.
"What?! I could make something better than a volcano! You just wouldn't believe in me," said Marcus.
"I would so believe in you! You just don't have the brains for it!" said Rachel.
"Does that even make any sense?" Simon asked.
"Stay out of it, Simon!" his two friends responded.
"I could make something that will wo
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 4
Kimono Robin by LightningRod728 Kimono Robin :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 5 9 -GIFT- Super Terra Academy by Sergy92 -GIFT- Super Terra Academy :iconsergy92:Sergy92 6 3
Terra Academy drawn by my friends and a few others.


The vision for this picture is a bit blurry, but that's okay for me. I really love how she is enjoying her ice cream cone. Also I love ...

Sometimes growing up can be tough, but even as an adult it would be fun to reminisce about those good ol' days. I love the way how Isab...

Although I'm not much of a fan of the movie, I am happen to be very fond of this picture. The background makes it look like that it's r...

Sometimes I feel like that I'm a ghost, too, feeling like that I'm forgotten, but there are always friends who are there who make you f...


Random X/Y Battle Video


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Going on a spoopy roadtrip tomorrow, as long as the weather isn't too sucky.  Might share pictures of the places that I visit.
It is now that time of year folks!

Just a drawing of Robin I made for Discord awhile.  I hope one day I can get the time and motivation to continue the series, I really do.

Robin Armando belongs to me.

Nintendo Direct Thought - Sunday Edition

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 16, 2018, 11:18 AM
This took longer to post because A: work, and B: I was at Cattle Congress yesterday.  Anyway, I think the Direct was overall very good with some nice stuff announced, even though a majority of games I want are gonna be ports.  Please note I won't cover everything shown in the direct last Thursday but I will share my thoughts on some of the games shown.  Best way is to start with the beginning:

Luigi's Mansion 3 (Working Title) and Luigi's Mansion 3DS

I knew something was coming for Luigi from Simon and Richter Belmont's trailer and I am not talking about his soul getting reaped out.  Not much of a player for Luigi's Mansion (FACT: Money was rare when I was a kid) but I might play some of it when this game comes out.

I might get that next month to finally enjoy the series.  If I like it a lot I might get Dark Moon and eventually the upcoming Switch Title.  As for the Switch title let's hope Luigi won't come across mummies or reapers this time. xD

Splatoon 2 Ver. 4.0

I had been off and on with this series but I loved how this trailer was shown.  It felt like an opening to an exciting action TV series.  Plus the new special and sub is looking cool and I am hyped to see that there will be what looks like a Spirit Bomb special coming to the game.  Also, I like the Japanese-themed stage that is coming.  And the hammer special looks cool, too.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

So it seems the rumor is true after all.  I do like the Peachette power-up for Toadette.  Might get the game next year (and by might I mean I will.)

Nintendo Online

Bowser still shows to be a perfect father for Bowser Jr. x3

Anyway, I'll be getting subscribed to it next week because of the NES library.  Just think of all the games that'll be added on there.  Plus saving to the cloud is a neat idea to protect your saves and I am speaking from experience here.  My switch needed to be repaired late last year and as a consequence my old saves went bye-bye.  Plus I think the prices are fair and reasonable.  Oh, and there will be the NES Joycons coming out next week, too.  Let's face it.  I am gonna be broke soon. xD

As for the library, I hope they'll add games from other consoles like the SNES at some point.  I would like to see that.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

This was my favorite non-traditional Kirby game (FACT: My definition of traditional Kirby game would be the ones where Kirby sucks up the baddies and copies their powers).  Love the extra stuff and modes added and I'll definitely be getting that game.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey

One of my favorite titles remade.  Definitely getting this game.  Nothing much to say since we know everything about the original and the side story is similar to Bowser's Minions.

Yoshi's Crafted World

Looks like this game will be a 3D Yoshi game, and actual 3D game.  Not 2.5D but 3D.  Definitely getting this game when it comes out.

Other Stuff

Anyway, before we end this let's go over some other games that was shown in the Direct.  I am glad that Super Mario Party is using traditional gameplay but Bowser being fully playable makes me wonder what'll become of the Bowser spaces.  Then I looked it up at the Wiki and saw that it'll be replaced with Bad Luck spaces with Kamek being the one causing trouble.  Maybe if I see some gameplay once the game comes out I'll consider getting it.

Final Fantasy is getting some attention as a bunch of games are coming out for the Switch next year, all being ports.  Makes me hope that a collector's edition will be announced in the near future.  The Let's Go series, though, is something I'll be passing on.  I'll just wait for the next games that'll be announced next year.

Anyway, let's go over the last two topics:

Isabelle in Smash & Animal Crossing

Yeah, not too thrilled with Isabelle in Smash to be honest.  Even if I did play the Animal Crossing games I would still think that there would be a dozen of other characters that would deserve a spot in the Smash roster.  But I did like the teaser trailer afterward.  I bet Animal Crossing fans are excited to see that there will be a title for the Switch.

Anyway, the Direct was very good overall and lots of stuff coming this year and next.  Looking forward to the Online Service, to Super Mario Party, to the ports announced, and everything else in between.  This is all for today so I'll be seeing you all next time.

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