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I make Alternate History maps. There really isn't much more to say about this account, most of my maps fall under either my Lion, Eagle, and Rooster Timeline, or my Victorian Zombies Timeline.

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The British Isles in a world of Victorian Zombies
Before we get into the lore for this installment of my Victorian Zombies series, I need to address that in the previous weeks, I have done much research (and found many sources) on Pre-Napoleonic Italy, France and Germany. While this will allow me to better figure out the details of the world I am building, I am afraid that this research has resulted in the previous Italy and Germany Maps becoming drastically outdated. I let you know now so that when the France/Spain map is released next month, the differences will not be without explanation in advance.

With that all out of the way, I bring to you the next in the world of Napoleonic Zombies (Please, if anyone has an actual name idea for this, please do let me know). This time we finally have gotten to Europe's biggest power, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. While having survived better than any of the major powers in Europe, Great Britain is not without her wounds left from the plague. I'm going to be a little different than previous post and detail how the United Kingdom got to her current state instead of listing the current political landscape of the region.

When the Zombie Plague first arrived in Europe from Iberia (who in turn got it from the Caribbean and West Africa), Great Britain were not too concerned, having only just exiled Napoleon to Saint Helena. However, when Spain and Portugal began to collapse and their hordes rose to France, the British began to worry.

However, while Europe was dying all around them, the British Navy was able to strongly stop ships from entering the country unchecked. By 1819, only a handful of ports were open to what little countries were in shape to international trade, and by 1823, most of these closed as well, leaving out Portsmouth (and illegally open harbors) open to the world.

However, this stability would soon end by a massive Scottish revolt in 1827. The Scottish War for independence is a prime example of the danger of warfare in this new world; as the ships once keeping out European refugees left to blockade the Scottish coast, thousands of people migrated the Great Britain to flee the Hordes in France, Iberia, Scandinavia, and Germany. With them, they brought the plague to England.

By 1828, London was lost and the royal family was forced to flee north to Manchester. Many walls and defensive fortifications were set up on their retreat to hold back the dead, but in the end, all but the final would fall between the years of 1827 and 1846. As infections began to occur in Scotland, the Scottish Government in Kirkcaldy opened negotiations to surrender in the Treaty of Manchester. The Loyalist regions of Scotland in Aberdeen and the northernmost Islands were granted autonomy on the scale of the isle of Mann.

While the Scottish Threat was dealt with, the British were still failing to fight the Dead as well as several Gaelic rebellions in the west. It was then decided in the early 1830's to focus on the most concerning issue and accept Gaelic independence in Ireland and in Scotland (Though Gaeltachtai and the Gaidhealtachd are essentially British Client States).

Just as all was looking back up, King William IV died in the early 1830's. Much of the line of succession has died in the Exodus of London and it became fuzzy as to who exactly was the true new monarch. Conflicts soon broke out in the southern holdouts of England and spread across Great Britain. While the fighting ended quickly, with supporters of Princess Sophia (one of George III's children) winning over those of George FitzClarence (William IV's oldest illegitimate son). In 1839, Sophia took the throne as Sophia I, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. England lost a quarter of her remaining land and had gone from an uncontested Superpower of Europe, to just a major power.

As always, I do hope you enjoyed this map and the timeline as a whole. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, critiques, or ideas (especially for an official name for this series) do feel free to let me know!
Northwestern or Southwestern Europe?
The West Indies in an era of Victorian Zombies
This time we're going into the breeding grounds of the apocalypse for the fourth map of the Victorian Zombies series.

When Napoleon's Hundred Days ended, right upon the moment of his surrender, some force caused a zombie apocalypse to occur within the kingdoms of the West African Coast; from there it spreads to both Europe, the Middle East, and in this case, the Caribbean via the Slave Trade. Rapidly, the virus spread across the Spanish colonies of Cuba and Santo Dominigo, but the smaller islands were better suited to put down infections as they appeared (though many of these islands would eventually fail). The situation became so bad that in late 1816, the Great Powers held of London Conference to discuss the matter. The United States was dealing with massive epidemics in the deep south and infections were beginning to appear in Europe (with Iberia having large infected hordes to their south).

While much was discussed in the Conference, very few solutions were made, one thing was agreed on though; that the zombie apocalypse was punishment. Many nations had theories to what the punishment was for (Such as a late attack against Napoleon, or an anger at the fall of the Holy Roman Empire), but the theory of the United Kingdom was that it was slavery that was being punished. They as well as a few other nations (Mainly the Dutch and British) acted on the assumption that slavery was the cause. However, while their solution was still slavery in practice, it did stop the influx of new carriers from West Africa, which at this point was rapidly collapsing.

Many of the colonies in the Americas began to declare independence, however with the plague beginning to strike down on Europe, these rarely were met with conflict.

The Kingdom of Haiti - Haiti survived quite well due to the lack of incoming slaves, however, they faced a rare problem among the Caribbean nations, Hordes. Unlike nations such Fedonia or Jamaica, Haiti had to hold back an onslaught of undead from their eastern border. While the walls they constructed held out, thousands of refugees from other Islands attempted to land in Haiti. This culminated in the Haitian Panic, where a carriers managed to get into Haiti in the 1820's, this in turn led to the entire southern portion of the country falling to the dead. Eventually, with the aid of Bolivaria, Haiti was able to retake the south and become a regional power.

The Republic of Bolivaria - When the plague struck the world, Simon Bolivar was in hiding in Haiti, he would end up trapped there while South America collapsed. Unable to leave due to the high levels of isolation Haiti installed, Bolivar eventually escaped during the Haitian Panic and returned to Venezuela. The Gran Colombian government had already fled west past the Andes, leaving a large civilian government north of the Merida Mountains. Bolivar took control and established Bolivaria, which rapidly became a major regional power.

The Kingdom of Jamaica - Inspired by the Canadian Revolts of the 1820's, the Colony of Jamaica had a revolt that became known as the Christmas Revolt. Jamaica had already become the British Empire's administrative hub in North America as the North American Hordes encroached on the Canadas; as a result, the British began to actively fight the rebels. Eventually, after the war, the Colony of Jamaica gained its independence within the British Empire.

The Kingdom of Antillea - As the plague went from island to island, many islands fell. However, the Congress of Vienna had banned the French Slave Trade; granted the islands a degree of safety. When the French government in Europe began to collapse from the Iberian Hordes, they declared their independence in a slave revolt similar to Haiti. However, similar to Haiti, thousands of refugees from other islands came, some of which were infected. Though major areas of the kingdom were lost, their economy grew and they became as powerful as their could hope.

I'm very much enjoying this series and I hope that all of you like it, because I have great plans for future maps, the next one's probably going to be set in Iberia. If any of you have any ideas of either this map or older maps, do tell me them. As always any questions, critiques, or feedback is greatly appreciated!
So Deviantart just straight up yeets descriptions into the sun if you upload from; it also automatically deletes files when you upload them. So there goes  5 paragraphs of work for my newest map.

I hope to have it up by Noon (3 hours), but I'm honestly feeling pretty discouraged right now.


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