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MLP:FiM ~ I Didn't Listen ~ Cookie Cutter by Crimson-Mane MLP:FiM ~ I Didn't Listen ~ Cookie Cutter :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 543 92
My deviantART Story
I joined dA 10 years ago in 2004, with this account under the name SilverBrumby. I had nooo idea I'd still be here 10 years later. While I did enjoy drawing, the thought of submitting my pictures and putting them on the internet for all the world to see was terrifying! I had a crappy old hand me down computer, MS paint and a mouse. My drawings mostly consisted of Lion King, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Silver Brumby fanart... the stuff I was obsessed with the most at the time, basically. Most of these I've deleted, which I regret doing now. However there are a few old disasters still lurking in the back of my gallery! Here's some:

*facepalm* I couldn't have come up with a less generic background? One of my first submissions - a prize for somebody on a Spirit forum I often haunted.

Before Tyra (right) had swirly markings and those ravishing red locks. She looks weird. The stallion on the left was a
:iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 4 12
500!!! by Crimson-Mane 500!!! :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 48 13 Hand Engraved Frozen Glass Set by Crimson-Mane Hand Engraved Frozen Glass Set :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 51 17 CORGNADO by Crimson-Mane CORGNADO :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 60 29
Aquiletans on FB and Updates!
*sigh* Everybody is going to Bronycon and I'm sitting here watching nail art videos. One day... one day... but really, why does the world have to be so big? I would give my left foot to get an artist table there. *moar sigh*
But anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that AQUILETANS, those pretty swirly winged horsies created and owned by myself and ZoeZareefa have invaded Facebook! They have their own page now. Please go over and give them a Like. Here's the link. Enjoy:
And just to update on my life and things, I'm getting all excited about putting my work back out to display and sell at markets, and I've even received a couple of invitations to some on my FB page. One was for Brisstyle (a hugehuge handcraft market) which is apparently a headache to get in to, but I got my approval almost straight away so I'm hoping to get a table there in a month or two. Another one is a handcraft market very nearby, so it will be
:iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 2 14
Three's a Crowd by Crimson-Mane Three's a Crowd :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 100 26 Sweet Apple Acres Cider Glasses by Crimson-Mane Sweet Apple Acres Cider Glasses :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 48 11 Princess Dia Tattoo Design - Commission Sketch by Crimson-Mane Princess Dia Tattoo Design - Commission Sketch :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 84 25 Princess Diamanti Tattoo Design - Commission by Crimson-Mane Princess Diamanti Tattoo Design - Commission :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 82 5 Pinkie Party by Crimson-Mane Pinkie Party :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 219 40 Toothless: Defenders of Berk - Engraved Glass by Crimson-Mane Toothless: Defenders of Berk - Engraved Glass :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 101 30
Check This Out!
Hi guys!
Here's the scoop! So ZoeZareefa's tablet is wearing down and she's in the need for a new base. I have the exact same one here in good working order, granted it hasn't been used for some time, but it works nonetheless. I was hoping to send it to her but the postage is just disastrous to say the least and neither of us can spare the cost. SO to get funds up she is offering commissions for just $15, and they are beauuutiful! Just look at the one she made for me of Tyra:

I think work in this style for $15 is a steal. So please go over to her page and request a commission here: You won't be sorry.
And just a little life update while I'm here. I've been super busy engraving glasses, working on orders and drawing up/engraving new designs. I have a tiny window for drawing at the moment and it's going to get smaller as the year progresses. I have
:iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 2 8
King Skandar - Ref Sheet by Crimson-Mane King Skandar - Ref Sheet :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 75 34 Silly Fillies by Crimson-Mane Silly Fillies :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 85 42 Gaylord - Ref Sheet by Crimson-Mane Gaylord - Ref Sheet :iconcrimson-mane:Crimson-Mane 91 33



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