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What is Dscript?

Tue Jan 15, 2013, 8:01 AM
Dscript allows text to be turned into an alphabetical string that can be bent, curled, forked and wrapped up into a solid glyph or symbol. Dscript is a set of symbols that allow you write both horizontally and vertically, so that by using both together the "string of letters" can dynamically fill 2D space. Each glyph is a 100% legible English word.

You can find plenty of Dscript materials

Just google "dscript"
hit up Dscript . ORG
or check out the Dscript intro PDF :

I just finished a long term project. I have taken chinese pen strokes and integrated them with the roman alphabet based on a binary representation system to produce a new cursive script.

I would love to hear suggestions and opinions.

check it out..
No ads, no fee, completely free, nothing in it for me except the pride of seeing it used ;)


There is an online text generator, input text and it generates an image
still not 100% perfect, work in progress


absolutely no legal reservations, use it in whatever you want, profit or non-profit.

P.S. If you do use it I would LOVE to see. It's like a baby to me, been raising her for about 5 years now ;)