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By dschunai
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Hello! :)

This Journal is here for your requests!

Here you can request art that you'd like to see from me - this could be:

- something that you miss seeing from me
- lineart that you can color
- a landscape or scenery
- something specific like "A golden dragon"
- ...
Simply everything* that comes up to your mind!

With your help I want to create a list of ideas that I can go back to when I don't have any ideas or if I need a break from other works.
To keep this organized it would be nice if you could post separate comments for each request. :)

Please note that there's no guarantee that I'll pick your request - but if I do, I'll reply to your comment with the finished work. ^-^

*I'm not accepting requests for Original Characters - instead look here if I'm open for Art Trades or if you'd like to do a Collab with me:
<Art Trades>  - <Collabs>

Any questions? - Feel free to ask! :)
© 2016 - 2020 dschunai
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I’m perfectly ok with you choosing not to but I was wondering if you could do a head shot of my dragon hybrid.
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Ah, I'm sorry but I don't do requests of original characters. This Journal is rather for requests and ideas that give me some inspiration to create something based on that requested, as seen on the list of examples in this Journal.
Though I really like the design of your dragon hybrid!
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I like you to do a Request of one of my ocs  my Ocs by Discored-Demon  
you can chose whatever you like if you went to
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Sorry, I don't do requests of original characters as stated at the end of this journal.
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Can I sand you a notice 
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Hello! :aww: If it's something request related I'd prefer if you post it here, so it's more organized and easier to see for me!
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Well an interesting idea would be to draw my OC Techno with your OC with them being anthro characters together plus you could use this to practice with drawing outfits more by starting by drawing them without any clothing and the clothless image obviously doesn’t have to be NSFW and then you could draw their outfits on separately with a separate layer! That way you would use the clothless image as a base for practicing with drawing outfits on! :)
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Hey! (: I like this idea!
However, I'm not open for requests that include original characters that aren't mine; as stated at the end of this journal. If you like to also put some work into this idea you can check out my Collabs Journal! ^-^
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Okay anyways I just posted a comment in your collabs journal! :)
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Warum malste nichmal nen Bild, wo das so aussieht, als würde nen Drache einem direkt in die Augen schauen, während man direkt vor ihm steht, halben Meter entfernt? Das wär toll =)
Vielleicht so, dass man unten am Bild nen Hinterkopf von nem Menschen sieht und davor nen riesigen Drachenkopf der ihn von oben herab mustert ^^
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Hi you! You said to come here to post ideas and stuff in case you need to crawl over a ledge your mind gets stuck on. (what does that even mean lol)

- A natural and green lake where the water is nearly untouched by ripples and waves, trees of various types surrounding it. Possibly dragon (or another character) on a ledge of either dirt or rock, sunset? Or at night?

- A flying creature flying into a 3D digital world that is seemingly a 3D model in itself. This requires you drawing a wireframe-style world. (Look up "Electrosphere" or wireframe game worlds, but not in such detail) All parts essentially have a wireframe art style

- If you want to change it up from the grey/blue styles, a thicker-skinned orange/yellow/brown creature in a lava/volcano type of environment and acts as some lighting and color practice since lava glows and has texture. Not evil-themed like many other artists would normally do. Just a normal environment but much hotter. Many things can be done such as burnt and hardened trees or warped rock structures, etc.
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Eine Idee die ich schon lange in meinem Kopf hatte, bei der ich aber weiß, dass ich sie nicht umsetzen könnte T.T :
Einen "Diamanten"-Drachen oder auch "Glas"-Drachen durchsichtigen Hörnen, Klauen,etc.(oder auch der gesamte Körper? O.o)
Sehr anmutig....eine Idee die man noch hinzufügen könnte: bei den gläsernen Körperteilen könnte man ja vielleicht noch solche Vergoldungen hinzufügen. 
Hoffe, dass du mal Lust und Zeit hast sowas zu machen :3
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A part-glass dragon does sound like an amazing idea, with careful touches on lighting and glass texturing to blend the organic and glassy parts of the body. =P (Razz) 
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Hello!  I am a new watcher.  So I haven't really been able to see your guns.   UT I think you should try to draw Ancalagon the Black from the Lord of the Rings.  ^^

Have a nice day!
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Good morning! I've been having this thought in my head lately and personally I think I would love to see it in your artwork!

I had This idea of a spiritual dragon... a creature that lives among the human race but in silence.. it is the protector of the Youth.... in Castaway the most wicked of dark energy and Spirits away from the good-hearted... those who live with a powerful heart and love are blessed with this Dragon to watch over them for an eternity.... wild villagers slumber some have said that they witness this dragon making its way through the Dark Forest or scene in the clear starry night sky near a full moon... one child was believed to have been visited personally by it...

It was just an idea something I want to progress.. good maybe the spirit can live up to its name if it properly existed in some way. :)
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Have you ever done a golden dragon?
Yeah probably... Yo but what about a Iridescent dragon! That'd be a nice challenge
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Okay, a large long dragon with a thick golden mane and branched horns, which stands on the hill at sunset looking into the distance. The wind ruffles his mane. And in the distance the sky flying birds.
I hope this idea will be of your liking :>
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okay, so the winged Gin you have is amazing! BUT how about Gin with feathered wings?? :>
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Hey hey! :>
Thanks for the request Sammy! I had the idea of Gin with feathered wings for such a long time and I'm very glad that you requested it here as well, because I probably would have forgotten about it sooner or later - so, thank you! c:…
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A black dragon with red bioluminescent jagged stripes flying among the stars
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A long chinese dragon coiled around a building or mountaintop and looking down menacingly =D
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Although, I do love your busy landscape, like forest and maybe some buildings?
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