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//Journal info: I'm available for commissions as long as this Journal states OPEN in the title

Hello everyone :aww:
I'm open for commissions!

I usually just update this journal silently, but it's about time that I notify you again since I added a few more things that I'm offering now.
The prices for colored portraits (not illustrations) will be raised in the future, so get them while you can! ^_^


Portrait sketch (square format) for 30€
Bsp Avatar Sketches by dschunai

Portrait sketch (standard format) for 37€
Bsp Portrait Sketches by dschunai

Full body sketch with simple coloring for 160€
Bsp Full Body Sketch by dschunai


Square format for 65€
Bsp Avatar by dschunai

Standard format between 85€ 175€, based on complexity.
Bsp Experimental Portraits by dschunai

Portrait Illustration

starting at 250€

Portrait Illustration examples by dschunai

- - -
( Currently not available )

Landscape Illustration + Character/s

starting at 500€

Landscape Illustration example by dschunai
*Full body character illustration with a wide view of the surrounding landscape. I'll only draw a maximum of 2 characters at this time.
- - -

I'm most comfortable with drawing dragons and creatures, preferable with natural color schemes.
Please have a visual reference ready, I don't work with written descriptions.


- Read my Terms of Service
- No additional characters for Sketches and Portraits.
- For personal use only.
- Payment must be made upfront.
- Payment via PayPal only.
- Prices are in Euro.

Please send me a note if you're interested in a commission.

Available slots:
1. - Open
2. - Open

© 2016 - 2020 dschunai
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just curious! so here's a ref
Gasoline Official Reference Sheet by crywolvesss  

how much for a painted/colored in full body with a sky background (maybe sunset??) of gasoline flying? 

also your art is so gorgeous holy moly 
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Hello! :aww:

Thank you for the interest!
For a scene like that I would estimate 450€.
Though I'm currently not available for larger illustrations.
Please check back every now and then, I might open them in the future again!

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Hello there! Are these open? If they are do you take payments?
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Hello! (:
Yes, I'm open for commissions and I take payment through PayPal.
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Nono, I meant payments, like multiple. Or is it all at once?
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The full payment has to be done upfront before I start working on the commission. :aww:
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:nod: Alright, then when I have the money, I’ll be sure to commission you!! :heart: :hug:
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Goddamnit I always have the worst timing! I've been investing on commissions lately and now I need to start saving money for artwork again. -.-

Oh well, it's nice to see you taking commissions again regardless. I missed you when you disappeared from DA for a while, and thus having your artwork pop up in my watch feed always brings a smile to my face. Knowing you've grown comfortable enough with your art flow to take commissions again is wonderful news, and I can't wait to see more of your wonderful art around! x3
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Aww, nu. I'm sorry! <3

Yeah, I already planned to offer them a few months ago, but I didn't felt that well and accepting commissions wouldn't have been a good decision then. Now I feel a lot better and I'm sure that it's working this time. (:
And yes, I also feel a lot more comfortable with my workflows due to the practice I got from my Fantasy Friday project. c:
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Ah that's great ^^. If you're feeling well enough maybe you could even stream again sometime? It's been forever and I miss talking to you, haha.
dschunai's avatar
You're not the only one who would like to see me stream again, so there shall be streams, someday soon, I hope. :>
Night-Anders's avatar
Yay I'm definitely looking forward to that ^^.

By the way, do you happen to have skype? I'm always online there and as I said, I miss talking to you. So I wondered if you'd like to chat there.
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Yep, I have skype! c: Same name as always.
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Surprisingly there are 3 of you listed XD. Haha.
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Uh, what. xD Ok, uhm - what's your name there? You can note me if you don't want to post it here.
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aaaa omg Im dying to get a comm from you <33 you thinking of opening them anytime soon? no pressure! just curious :3
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Yes! (: I was actually planning to offer them this weekend again. Though, I adjusted my prices a bit, so I hope there's still something that you're interested in.
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Hello! I'm wondering if you know when you'll be opening up commissions again. 
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Hey! (: I've planned to offer them sometime this month again.
I'll update this journal once I'm ready.
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Thanks for getting back to me!
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Heya! I'm now open for commissions if you're still interested. (:
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Finally you're doing it =)
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Yep! :> Thanks to your encouraging words. <3
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YOOOO I'd like to claim an experimental slot!
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