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You can submit your collab requests here - simply leave a comment with a sketch or WIP and I'll let you know if I'm interested! (:

Collab requests that include your original character/s are also a good Idea! For this I'd always add one of my own characters in the image as well to make it fair.
I'm also interested in Adoptable Collabs! This is something that I'd really love to try out! :D


- I expect that you'll also put some work into our collab.
- I work with layers / .psd files. You should know how to work with them too.
- I'll edit sketches to fix anatomical mistakes or to make the composition work.
- I won't do lineart.
- I use these collabs to learn new things. ^_^ I hope you'll learn something from them too!
- Be patient. I'll try my best to send you my part as soon as possible.

* If you already sent a sketch in and if I also worked on the collab and you want to stop to collab with me for whatever reason, then please let me know! (: It's ok. I'll probably finish the collab anyway.

Edit: I said yes to a lot of collab requests months ago and never heard back from anyone. Please note that there's no guarantee anymore that I'll collab with you - I hope you understand! (:
Edit II: I shouldn't have to say this, but I have to: If you work on a collab with me then please also put some effort into our collab project! It already happened too often that I was left alone with all the work and I find it very disappointing and demotivating. It's a collab - I want to work together with you! <3

I'm currently working on collabs with:

Any further questions? - Feel free to ask!
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May I have the honor to Collab with you? I would love the chance to do this and I will do the linework! I want to do Tsunami the Seawing! She was my favorite character all throughout the first arc. Please allow me to work with such a great artist such as your self! Have a great day or night!
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I've done collabs of characters from this book series before, but to be honest I'm not very interested in drawing any more of them since I never read the books.
I also generally want to see a sketch first before I say yes to a collab project. This is to make sure that I can work with your idea! (:
Your account is very new and there's nothing in your gallery; do you have any examples of your works posted somewhere?
Since you mentioned linework, I'm not quite sure if I'm the right collab partner for you because I usually don't draw lineart or use cel shading for my works.
I'm still interested in drawing dragons, though I'd mainly prefer to draw either random dragon designs or dragon characters hat I also know.
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Oh, ok. Most of my drawings are on the WOF Amino. Here check it out if you can-…

I understand if it's a no, but I was hoping to do something like my OC Orca. Her post is a bit down but I tried really hard.
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Do you have any feral OCs? I'm interested in doing a sketch and some help rendering when I get some more time, and if you are interested! I can think of an idea while working on my current art queue <3
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Hello! ^-^
Yes, all of my OC's are feral.
I'm also generally interested in doing collabs, though I'd like to look at a sketch first, so that I can tell if I can work with your idea! :aww:

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I understand that completely! I just wanted to make sure you had some feral OCs, so I can start thinking of an idea! I have a pretty long art queue atm, but I'll get back to you once that's all done <3
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Hi! im a beginning digital artist and I was wondering if you would like to collaborate? You have amazing art and would love to learn something from you if we collaborate. I understand if you would rather collab with someone more at your level. If you have time, I would really appreciate some critique!
(P) Frame breaker Bust (G) Misty Sunrise (YCH) Winter Aurora 

my characters:

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Hey! I'm always happy about the opportunity to do a collab with someone; no matter what skill level they have! ^_^ We all had to start somewhere and I'm glad if I can offer some help.

So you're interested in a collab with our characters? :aww:
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thank you! yes I am interested in doing a collaboration with our characters. I could do the sketch and background. 
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Okay! ^_^ Then please send me a sketch or WIP of your character + background. This is always the first step for me to see if I can work with your idea. If I like your idea and approve the collab, I'll add my own character into the picture myself, so you don't draw me something for free in the first place.
For the process I prefer if we both work on everything to improve the image, so we get to practice new things and learn new stuff. :aww:

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hi! gosh, I know this was originally discussed back in February, but would you still be interested in doing a collaboration with me? sorry, I haven't been able to get a sketch to you, ive been so busy with school.
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Hey, no problem; it's alright. :) I'm still interested and if you've a sketch ready just send it my way.
And to answer your other question with the adoptables: I'd love to try that out! I'm not very good with creating colorful designs, so that would be a good challenge! ^_^
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sounds good! I love designing adoptables so maybe we can team up and make some interesting ones! I will send you a note tomorrow with the sketch for the collab and we can discuss adoptables more there. thanks!
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ok that sounds good! I might take up to 2 weeks because I have school too. just giving you a heads up so you know I didn't forget about it :)
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That's alright; thanks for the info! Take all the time you need and just reply here as soon as you've something to show. ^-^
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Oh, and I also wanted to ask you about doing some adoptable collabs (maybe dragons?) and we could split the profit 50/50. would you be interested in that as well?
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Ich arbeite grade an meinem OC Avirreno und möchte verschiedene Bilder von großartigen Künstlern sammeln c:
Ich würde gerne meinen Stil mit deinem vermischen und schauen was da rauskommt :D Ich denke ich würde dabei auch eine Menge lernen.
Es wäre interessant meine Avi mit deinem OC zusammen zu sehen ^-^
Habe noch keine skizze, aber ich kann bald eine machen, wenn du dabei wärst.
Falls du Avirreno noch nicht kennst - das ist sie:
Feel the power by AverrisVis
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Heyo! Ich wollt dich nur kurz wissen lassen, dass ich ab morgen bis Anfang nächster Woche verreise und keine Zeit habe, mich um unsere Collab zu kümmern; daher lass ich die Note erstmal unangerührt, weil ich das sonst komplett verpeil. :D Bin aber schon total gespannt was du so für Ideen hast! Ich freu mich drauf! ^__^
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alles klar :D Ich bin leider ab dem 2. oder 3. Februar eine Woche bei meinen Eltern und da kann ich auch nicht zeichnen aber es eilt ja nicht so sehr c:
Muss übrigens jetzt sehr aufpassen wenn ich Photoshop nutze...  Hatte letzte Woche Probleme mit dem PC und ich dachte ich werde alles verlieren aber ich konnte noch n paar Bilder retten.
Alles war in Ordnung als ich die Hardware geprüft habe und gpu konnte es auch nicht verursachen weil sich PS immernoch aufgehängt hat auch als ich die integrierte Grafik genutzt habe.
Ich denke das Programm läuft bei mir einfach nicht stabil und Adobe kanns nicht reparieren. Es hängt sich ab und zu auf. Mein PC war nach dem letzten Absturz in diesem Stadium, dass man die Systemplatte formatieren musste... und das auch nur mit Mühe weil die blue screens immer alles abgebrochen haben :x
Vielleicht kennst du jemanden der ein ähnliches Problem hatte?
Es wäre auch gut wenn du immer eine Kopie von der psd Datei hättest. Kann sein dass mein PS wieder Scheiße baut :D
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Oh nein, das hört sich ja gar nicht gut an. Ich hoffe du konntest das mitlerweile beheben.
Leider kenne ich auch niemanden der ein ähnliches Problem hatte, und helfen kann ich dir dabei auch nicht, weil ich so absolut keine Ahnung von PC-Zeugs habe. ; - ;
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Hellu! ^-^ /

Naw, das ist aber lieb, das du da an mich gedacht hast! <3  Ich hätte auf jeden Fall interesse!
Schick mir dann einfach eine Skizze mit deiner Avi und wenn möglich noch ein Ref, damit ich das mit der größe zu meinem OC besser einschätzen kann.
Wenn du noch keine genaue Vorstellung für ein Bild hast, dann können wir auch gerne zusammen irgendwas austüfteln was z.B. den Hintergrund etc. angeht; aber eine grobe Skizze würd ich schon gerne erstmal sehen.
Meld dich dann einfach, sobald du soweit bist. Ich freu mich! :aww:
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awwwe hecc I dont know if you still do these but I'd love to do a collab with you ;u;
I dont have anything sketched up yet, and it seems you're currently on the fence with these due to some unfortunate experiences, but if you're interested, let me know any I can send you a sketch to see if i'd be something you'd like doing.

I can sketch, color, paint/render, etc. and dont mind multiple back-and-forth passes if need be c:
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Aww, hi Demon! I'm always open for collabs and I'd really appreciate the opportunity to collab with you! So, yes, I'm very much interested! :happybounce:

And yep, I had some bad experiences with some collab partners in the past because they were new to collabs and didn't really knew what to do. It was disapointing, but I also really want to give everyone the chance to work on a collab with me, so I hope my Journal edits don't scare potential collab partners away because you also seemed worried about this.
That aside, I'm really happy that you asked for a collab and I'm very excited for this! ^__^
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I sent you a note c:
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