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A few days ago I made the decision that Fantasy Friday will come to an end, for now.
I was pondering over this for months, and in the past weeks it got more and more clear that something has to change.
I've been not feeling very well these past months and this decision isn't easy for me, as Fantasy Friday was a constant part of my life for the past years, but I already feel that it's the right path to choose and I'm being more calm, motivated and I feel relieved.

It's not a farewell forever, but for the foreseeable future I'm not going to continue with this project.

Thanks so much for the support throughout this journey of mine. <3
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I hope everything gets better for you soon! <3 Thank you so much for doing Fantasy Friday, and cant wait until you can pick it up again! :D
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Thank you! It got a lot better in the past weeks and the nice summer weather also helps a lot to be in a good mood. <3
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Aww, all the best to you and the next part of your journey. Thank you for your dedication and sharing your artwork with us.^^
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Aw, look, that nice knight left a toothpick. Best of success in your new ventures.
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Hehe. Thank you! <3
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I really hope that this break from the project will give you more time to rest & work on new things :)
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I'm sure it will. I feel a lot better, and even more creative, since this decision! ^_^
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I hope that this helps you rest and recover <3 I really enjoy your art and I hope it can be as much of a positive thing for you as it is for me seeing it :D
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Naw, thank you!
And it definitely helps already! :aww:
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I hope you're okay. It's best to do whatever feels right, if you feel like you're forcing yourself then it's best to step away and re-evaluate.

I also want to add - I've always loved seeing your works. You have inspired me many times
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Yep, I'm okay; just a little sad that it has come to this point. I already miss this project a lot, as it means so much for me, and at the same time I feel relaxed and energetic. It's strange, and I can't understand why I didn't feel the past months this way - I really haven't seen this project as such a burden as I see it now. *sigh*

Thank you! It means a lot to hear that I could inspire you with my works! <3
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its sad to see it go, but we totally understand.
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I'm so glad you went as far as you have!
You painted some amazing illustration for FF and it was always super cool to see!

To a better and healthy future
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Naw, thank you Nebs! <3
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Just checking, did you mean to reply to my comment? Its fine if not, DA can be glitchy sometimes lol
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omg what even happened here?!
ahahah I'm sorry
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Wow, this looks amazing! The detail on this is fantastic!
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