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a relaxing day

By dschunai
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My character Gin in a Half-Life² cinematic mod inspired scene. c:

a relaxing day - Steps by dschunai
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Great lighting!
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Thank you! ^-^
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This gives me Dappermouth vibes! <3
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I hope that's a good thing! ^-^ <3
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The expression and pose remind me of an alert dog waiting for something to do.  Pretty character and fantastic lighting :)
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Aww, thank you very much! ^_^
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well here's the little floof again! Gin? I don't know why but I am pleased with the long tail. looks nice. Beautiful composition. 

The steps link is really fun to see! Its interesting to see how the piece evolved from lines. 

.... paw finger claws. HOW 

interesting no thumbs

aaagh so cute

how big would he be next to a human? Close to a dog immitating a horse? XD Or perhaps something like a GreyHound?
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Yep, that's her again! :>
Her design is still in development, so her paws are definitely something that I'm not quite sure about how I'd like them to look like. Here I was going for something that was inspired by the look of skinned dog paws without the dewclaws. I still like the look of that, though I don't like that it looks a bit weird without the dewclaw or a thumb. Maybe I'm going for 5 fingers next time if I draw her - so it has kind of a bear-claw look. :B
She isn't that big in size (there's a small size comparison on her Ref here), so she can easily go through doors and stuff.  c:
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aw man shes so prettyyyy
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Naw, thank you! <3 ^__^
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naaaaw der schaut ja niedlich aus *.*
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Naw, vielen Dank! ^__^
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Ich mag deine Drachen sehr.
Also weiter so!
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The texture, lights and shadows are gorgeous in this piece! I really like the composition, too. The process shots were really interesting to look at, too. 
Great work!
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Thank you! ^__^ <3
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I just adore Gin. <3 and your shading style she looks so 3D
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hnng, thank you Agua! <33 :happybounce:
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Really nice shading. :3
I adore your character. :heart:
So did you render the background in 3D or did I get it wrong? ^^"
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thank you Leu! ^-^
everything is drawn in Photoshop; i don't have any 3D programs.
i added some progress shots for you and everyone who might find this kind of stuff helpful or interesting to look at! c:
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UNF! Those colors! That lighting!! That focal point! So much beauty!!! *rolls around in the painting, muttering 'delicioussssssss'* :heart:
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eee, i'm glad that you like it that much! ^__^
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