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Get Through

By dschunai
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I struggle a lot with being creative for the past months. Even though I know what I can achieve and create it's sometimes unbelievable hard to come up with ideas that I like enough to get to a finished result.
This was a kinda spontaneous idea and a very therapeutic piece to work on. <3

Thank you huhwni for offering help and inspiring ideas in the process of this! This was very much needed and a great help. ^-^
I used Koi-scale-textures from my own photos for this one.

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Man, I've missed your work so much. Love it!
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Hnnn, that fills me with joy! <3
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oo lovely drawing!! :D
i love the detail, great job ;3
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Fantastic scales and coloring!
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Thank you very much! <3
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This is just me, but when I feel that way with my art (lol!), it usually means my 'perfectionism' got the better of me and I need to let go and be a little more loose.
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I kinda killed my perfectionism with this project; but that's good! I don't aim for perfect anymore, but for a good result that I'm happy with. ^-^

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Sounds great!^^
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You express yourself well with your art. :comfort: :comfort: comfort emote Can't help :empathetic: 
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It looks more like a Chinese Jade Dragon!
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I'm always happy if people make their own interpretations of my works, and I can definitely see why you get chinese vibes from this piece. ^_^
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Very true, but Chinese dragons don’t have bird beaks like yours.
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aaah dang i'm sorry to hear you're struggling with coming up with things
i feel ya, i feel ya
but this looks really good!!!
bless your art
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Aah, yes. The most bothering part is, that it's so very frustrating. But I know that it will eventually get better with time. :aww:

Thank you so much! <3
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yeah, it is indeed super frustrating
and yeah!
it most likely will get better ^^
*goes back to being shy bean just admiring your art*
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Your art is always beautiful whatever you come up with, from what I've seen. Take it easy and take your time. :heart:
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Hnn, thank you! <3 I will definitely do that.
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I understand that quite well that sometimes you just struggle, you just don't know what to do. I'm glad you were able to
find a little remedy of sorts no matter how big or small, your art is always a treasure in my inbox and I am glad and honored
to see it. Some hugs from a fellow artist-
Hug hug
I rush no one, I'm always happy to see others create on their own terms, your art is a gem and you can't rush art. :D
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Hnn, I really appreciate your comment - thank you! ; v ;
*hugs back* <3
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