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Thistle and Thunder Page 01 [Teaser]

By dSana
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Hey folks,

Remember the poll we had a couple of weeks ago about what would you like to see on my Patreon? 
Poll by dSana 

Well, this is actually happening: for a month I will be testing vlogs, bonus art and “Thistle & Thunder” --  my first ever NSFW side-story are all kicking off this week. 

So...if you like to see exclusive content, read T&T and send me requests or just hear my terrible Slavic accent join my Patreon.


Will A Storm’s Lullaby remain free to read on DA?

Of course.

Are you going to post any of this extra content on DeviantArt?

No. Only this page of T&T, although I may post some teasers in the future. 

I don’t want to read T&T will I miss something about your main story?

No, nothing important or plot-sensitive is happening in the T&T except Thistle & Tempest relationship going where A Storm’s Lullaby can only hint upon :)

What do you mean by NSFW

Soft. Plus no anthro and boobs, no OC cameos and consensual sex only & stuff that doesn’t make me cringe too much. Patreon suggestions and requests are more than welcome! 

Do I have to be over 18 to read T&T?


Will this affect how often do you post A Storm’s Lullaby?

I don't know how my new schedule will look like. We'll see. If you care about regular and frequent updates -- please consider supporting me :)

How many pages do you plan to release?

Depends on the patreons' interest in it. If it’s not enough the project gets axed, if it’s sufficient -- I keep drawing :)

Why is it B&W?

I channel my inner mangaka.

Will you be selling PDF version once it's finished?

Nope, sorry.

I'm a homophobe/lesbophobe/bigot and this makes me upset.

 Nobody Cares!  (Spongebob comment/chat emoticon) 
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OddEyesDragoon's avatar

Ooh, a side story.

dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist

Yep ^^

barbatos2001's avatar

I can't wait for more Thistle and tempest

Andicornia's avatar

Okay, I'm very tempted rn

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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist


marinus18's avatar
In terms of fetish I would actually think they would prefer the reverse. That Tempest would like the thrill of helplessness and Thistle would enjoy the sense of power and authority. Roleplay is all about doing things you normally are unable to.
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bobthedalekProfessional Filmographer
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Eyebrows Wiggle Huehue 
JibberJams's avatar
I sure hope this little miniseries has a scene where Fizzy gets to taste Thistle's milk... (Get it?Big Grin Jester )
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
tehwatcher's avatar
oh gosh you planing alot 
King-Mirael's avatar

You know that? Fuck you

dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
I know what?
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

I'm guessing a dream

dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Nope :)
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Now, I'm confuse
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice to meet you, Confuse ;-)
Dinofanx's avatar
Dinofanx Writer
Ohh, this is Patreon-only. Snazzy :XD:. I'll eventually sign up for one month because I really want to see this. I'm sorry I can't do more. I love your work.  :heart: 
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ^^ See you on Patreon, then. Even if it's just for a month :D
MathBrony's avatar
I've been wanting to see more of these two, so I'm curious to check this out.  I may need to do same thing with the one-month sign up though. How much would it be? And will you do an update when it's done?
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
You need to sign up for Tier $12; this will give you access to my monthly updates --you will get an email every time I post something, which for TnT will be a couple of pages and sneak peeks ( Page 02 coming very soon ).  Once your pledge gets processed at the end of the month, you can then easily cancel your patronage anytime with no extra charges ^^
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
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