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The Shadow Shard Page 74
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Published: January 29, 2019
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DuckyworthHobbyist Digital Artist
You're doing a fantastic job with the emotions in this comic - I love how you did the dialogue between Twilight and Spike. :aww:
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
Scholar57's avatar
Scholar57Hobbyist General Artist
That silhouette must still be part of Spike's doubt, his fear that Sombra is holding onto and refusing to let go.

The composition for the middle panels was well devised.  To see Twilight and Spike face each other, tears leaking down their cheeks, really adds to the weight of their argument.

Also . . . I've never seem a gold gem before.  Hmm....
Isenlyn's avatar
awww, crying Twi is so sad. :(

PS : I'm all cought up in translations. :)
page 62 is out and the rest will follow soon. ;)

so many smileys XD
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! :3
marinus18's avatar
Strange how Spike is being the reasonable one and Twilight the emotional one. If she is going to be his mother shouldn't it be opposite?
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Why is it strange? We already know Twilight can be the less resonable one. Plus Spike just asked her to kill him, which is not necessarily "reasonable". You can see in panel 5 she turns from emotion to logic.
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EMositeCCHobbyist Artist
EMositeCC's avatar
EMositeCCHobbyist Artist
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.. :'(
augustokazuo's avatar
There is something strange going on here...

eliander's avatar
So the heart is one with Spike. But it's Spike one with the heart?
Shredder1004's avatar
I think I see where this is going. The heart is still in Spikes stomach, all he has to do then is find a way to just puke it out. It’s gross but that might be the only solution where everyone gets out of this alive.
RupertBlueFox's avatar
RupertBlueFoxHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh gawd... Spike... mah lil homie...! Rainbow Dash (cry) plz

mr-Sy's avatar
mr-SyHobbyist General Artist
wait what!?
fotland42's avatar
I believe in you, Spike. You can take back control.
Jarkes's avatar
God, things just keep getting worse and worse...
KrystalHuntress's avatar
KrystalHuntressHobbyist General Artist
Wait...what's going on with Spike...what...I SWEAR TO GOD IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO HIM!
TearsofCHIckenSoup's avatar
TearsofCHIckenSoupStudent Digital Artist
Huh... there may be nothing they can do for him now.
Galaxina-the-Magi's avatar
...omg, is SPIKE the Crystal Heart now? O_o
RadicalDishonesty's avatar
The heart is gone.

Spike wanted the heart.

What if he did eat it? But this isn't the end of it?

Of course, the prospect Spike ate the heart is equal part exciting and horrifying, given what exactly it is.

Still, the ray of hope exists. Don't throw it away too quickly, Spike!
MegaSean45's avatar
Iunno, I think you got Spike apologizing too early. I hope there's an epic battle between the two with Spike fighting himself and Twilight at the same time while Twilight is hesitating!
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Its stuck in his throat 
JadeMuseBrony's avatar
I was about to say, ... you better not off spike. I can see the two routes and you better not go down the hero's sacrifice route. 
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changeling1Hobbyist General Artist
aww spiky nooo
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