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Finally! It's been over two weeks since I posted TSS :| (Blank Stare)  The good news, Page 72 is almost finished and I'll post it soon first on my Patreon,then DA.

I admit this page might be tad confusing, but perhaps it will be less confusing after I post the next one...?

That red panel is a memory of Starlight dream from Page 40:

Now with Tv Tropes!

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Scholar57|Hobbyist General Artist
Sombra's a skilled manipulator, but it seems even he cannot cover every track.  Some memories are just too powerful.  Thank goodness for that!
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EMositeCC|Hobbyist Artist
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i catch up again; but hey is a good page to be hype about the next one
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No, you suffer!

Also, your mom suffers and your face suffers and your mom's face suffers.
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Jungleclaw|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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RupertBlueFox|Hobbyist Digital Artist

Holy moly, the intensity! :O

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Damn! Nice page. Intense coloring work! :thumbsup:
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KrystalHuntress|Hobbyist General Artist
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This is going to be a long note that I hope you see. In my time in the fandom, I have always kept to the canon, rarely dipping into the comics and fan works but in 2018, I decided to branch out. I discovered some wonders of the fandom but I have to say that this series takes the cake for comic series. Timey Wimey is a great art story by Light but this is one that I related to the most. I commented on the earlier pages about your theories aligning with my own or the great detail that you put in but it seems only fitting that I continue the praise in this. The emotions that you manage to invoke, the artistic traits that set a scene, the research that went into this, all of it is perfection. On the cusp of my thinking, I just want more of this.

I understand my writing may be a bit confusing so let me simplify it. This is perfection, a perfect blend of canon and theory plastered on artistic creativity and encapsulating emotions. Timey Wimey is praised a lot but I believe that praise should be directed more at this work. Your vision shines through the darkness of each panel and has expanded the realm of possibility. 

I look forward to more of your work. As a fun tidbit, I got an account just to follow you (though I followed Light as well). So, from an autistic analyst of FiM, thank you.
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dSana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello and welcome to DA! Hug 

I'm glad to hear you decided to give fanwork a try - this fandom has been incredibly creative and this story was inspired among others by fanfics I've read and conversations I had with fans over the years. I'm very humbled you like my little story so much! I love to envoke emotions and I like to come up with theories that stay close to the show's heart. I have put a lot of thought and work  into this project and it's always wonderful to hear that people connect with it Blush 
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This just keeps getting more and more suspenseful...
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meowjar|Professional Interface Designer
Nice :)
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I just started reading this entire story today and man, this is just brilliant, I'm loving this story so far (also because I ship StarBurst) !
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dSana|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, thank you so much :-) I hope you will enjoy the rest of it, too ^^
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NintenCano's avatar
Starlight! Noooooo!!

You can do it!
You can fight the demon inside you.
Your will is stronger than him.

Oh boy! 
The painting helps give a feeling of despair and grim tone.
Well done dSana.

My choice for the music of today's page is this one.

Thanks for your comic senpai.
As always. Have a good day :) (Smile)
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SnowyLilacs's avatar
oh this one gave me the chills
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ScarletDawnset|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My gosh. That last panel is super-ominous. Great job, as always. Can't wait for more
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GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Is that Sombra cutie mark? 
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CrucifyTheWolf's avatar
CrucifyTheWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh god is he gonna permanently stick into her body? 
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BlackWhite9120's avatar
Well, that's what you get for having the power of darkness, now you'll be another lifeless puppet like Spike. Twilight's doomed...
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MLPAristiscCSketch's avatar
MLPAristiscCSketch|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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AdrianTheBrony's avatar
Did....did starlight got him out?! 
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marinus18's avatar
I hope that Starlight can't expell the darkness herself and that she needs Sunburst's assistance to do it. It would reinforce that they are stronger together.
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That's pretty much what I'm expecting.
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