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The Shadow Shard Page 5

By dSana
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Umbrum magic is shadow magic, a terminology I borrowed from IDW series, were Sombra is described as "umbrum" - a shadow pony. Other then that, I follow only show's canon.

Introducing new location: Crystal Palace vault.




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DuckyworthHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm loving all of the interesting buildup you've been putting into this so far with Spike having repressed memories of a childhood event, and now with Sombra's horn here, its even more intriguing. :)
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :) I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story.
alexwarlorn's avatar
So it seems that the essence of an Umbrum can survive even in a single piece, making these monsters near impossible to completely destroy.
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Almost - an unicorn horn is a special kind of "piece" I say.
Scholar57's avatar
Scholar57Hobbyist Writer
It's a real shame.  King Sombra was hardly given any attention in the series, and it felt like he had the potential be a great villain, and I mean a villain who's actually evil.  Being a shadow king who's fueled by fear and hatred is a pretty dangerous thing after all.
lightning116's avatar
Hmm.  Messing with the horn of King Sombra.
What could possibly go wrong?
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yuuki6Terumi's avatar
Know this gives me a through. Is Sombra truly dead? Or could have he survived somehow?
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, we may find out in S9. Some rumors say that he, in fact survived. I would love to see him being turned into "good" Sombra from IDW :)
Yuuki6Terumi's avatar
Me too. I refuse to believe that he died, he could be out there somewhere.
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep :)
Yuuki6Terumi's avatar
Guess will just have to wait and see then in the future.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Another interesting part here I don't think that a good idea twilight
TheWayfaringWanderer's avatar
"Lucky for us..."

Oh!  Is it really, Twilight?  Roll Eyes lol
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Oh no, you're starting... (continue in the next page.)

karkovice1's avatar
Why do I get the feeling that Twilight's unlocking a Pandora's box here? O_O
Isenlyn's avatar
-So, you find out that the remains of your old foe are still infused with magic and recently began to corrupt the relic that protect the city. What do you do ? Twilight ?
-I cast my Dark Magic spell on it.
-Hu, you're sure ? You want to cast on it a random spell you're not even comprehending and that brought you more problems than solutions on the active remains of the guy that invented that magic ?
-Yeah, what the problem ?
-No that's OK, roll it.
-Aaaaand ......... 100. Shieeet.
-Yep you can say that.
-Sooooo, who's inside a 2 kilometers radius around the castle ? You, you and you. Ouch, so it's up to the bard that went sight seeing to save you all ? Good luck.
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Heheh. Well, I guess rolling 100 is not always a good thing, eh ;-)
Isenlyn's avatar
In a percentage game, the lower you get, the best it is. 100 is critical failure. XD
And judging by the next page. XD
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah, I thought it's more like D&D :-D
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My first instinct is that you shouldn't keep a piece of Sombra in the Crystal Empire, but on second thought it would probably be a serious mistake to bring it away from where the Crystal Heart can suppress any residual power.

Of course, now that the Heart is in a weakened state, the whole situation is a lot more complicated.
dSana's avatar
dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
A ticklish situation.
aqdrobert's avatar
aqdrobertHobbyist General Artist
"This crystal has been corrupted. It will be destroyed in 24 hours unless you purchase an ITunes card, then send the routing numbers to our account in the amount of $300!"

Twilight: I'll have to call our IT team to see if we have a spell to remove this malware.

Cadance: Shouldn't we just pay them?
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