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Published: March 5, 2019
Dear Watchers,

Yesterday I found out about :iconkoobikitsune: 's passing.

You might know his OCs - especially the cheerful Dopple - from Pony-Berserker  and my comic strips. He was one of the most generous, selfless and kind people I've met in this fandom. Even though I knew him only for a short while online, I feel like I've just lost a good friend.

Rest in Peace, Justin.


Here's Pony-Berserker 's tribute:

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QuakewarsStudent General Artist
I only know him since I read Pony-Beserkers comics about Dopple and I felt like I knew him already. But I felt really sad about his passing and couldn't stop thinking about it. If you want to get a chance to talk or cope on this, let me know. I'm always here for you guys and I really do.
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
I still feel sad, but I'm fine. Thanks for the offer, though.
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Dragonwolf122191Hobbyist Digital Artist
despite only talking to him once I sensed a good soul, I am sorry for your loss, my friend.
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Scholar57Hobbyist General Artist
I am sorry, dSana.  Sorry to hear your friend passed away.

I never knew him, but he sounds like he was a wonderful person.  You created a beautiful picture in his memory.  I'm sure he's smiling at it.
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I'm so sorry about your loss.
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I never heard of him but I can feel in my heart he was a great person and a great part of the brony fandom. I like to think he's in a better place now.
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Nooo, how and when did he go? I’ve never heard about a illnes he had.
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I'm sorry for what happened
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Justin is somewhere in Equestria, finally meeting the ponies we all love. Godspeed, my friend.
JadeMuseBrony's avatar
He will live on in our hearts and through his OC.
Ste4mB0lt's avatar

(Sorry I never knew him well but I'm sure he'll live on in your hearts)
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What happened to Justin?
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Ivy-Rose-ReEeEeEHobbyist Digital Artist
Torvusil's avatar
RIP :(

May we remember the happiness he brought into our lives.
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My condolences! :(

Hope Pony Berserker will continue drawing Doople. I kinda like her!
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Absbor-JHobbyist General Artist
OK, now you made me both tear up.
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DerpatattonStudent General Artist

He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us.
More potent, nay, more present than the living man.

shall you hind a good spot among the stars, my friend. shall we meet again someday.
you will always be in our hearts, but in the end, we will all be back together
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I never knew this gentleman, but I did enjoy his OC very much.  Dopple was such a cheerful changeling.

I offer my condolences and send my dearest regards to his loved ones and all his friends.  May his memory live on.
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Riposare in pace :,(
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When there's shadow, there is light. A light that will guide us to a brighter future.
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kerokogeorashiHobbyist Digital Artist
Well... damn. That's always tough to hear. Let us hope he gets to live on among us as Dopple a little longer.
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My condolences are yours.
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