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Playing with Guns

By dSana
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It's bug time!

Here's a comic strip the set in :iconcaustizer:  and :iconbonaxor: 's The Greater Flame universe starring :iconpony-berserker:

The story follows up this page:
The Greater Flame #18: Enter the Bughorse Wife by Caustizer

I wanted to show Key's...caring  and even romantic side. Yes, she's not perfect, but hey, at least she's trying! ;-)

Warning: gun-related violence.

(Anyway, more bug comics are on its way this month. Stay tuned.)



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MemeDictionaryStudent Artist

@dSana uses the 2nd amendment

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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist


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MemeDictionaryStudent Artist


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Hasn't he ever heard of a safety and not leaving a loaded magazine in the firearm?
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
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Pony-BerserkerHobbyist Digital Artist
caustizer's new comic and caustizer himself reminded me of this :P still brilliant
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Heh :D
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Remember kids, always double tap your targets. 
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"Don't be stingy with your bullets just one more clean shot in the head." 

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XD oh key..., why must good things end with a gun welding changeling.
I just wow, idk what else to say.
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Foxtide888Hobbyist Artist
I like guns, but I don't shoot them often
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And that's why you should always keep.the safety on, and never point them at someone you don't want to shoot. Also who the :yay: keeps loaded guns laying around?
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Who keeps loaded guns around?

Nice work!
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Changelings have no trigger discipline. 
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Dragonwolf122191Hobbyist Digital Artist
what are you talking about we have good trigger discipline


Thorax: my legs!

to be fair they had holes before ^^;
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See? Chrysalis was smart to have those installed...
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RVB476Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Styer M12.P16 and Annihilator, not bad choices.

I'm more of a Hellriegel man myself
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lol.. cute even if tis a bit horrible with gun safety..
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ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
Geez, Changelings heal quickly.
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Starlight Glimmer 'i mean i see' (stock) They all paintball guns 
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CaustizerHobbyist Writer
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Hah, Learn about safety!
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Come on, Starlight, just think of what you could do with an endless supply of changeling favors. Surely you can think of something fun to do with a shapeshifter who always owes you one.
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