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How to cheat at Jenga Starlight Glimmer (Nervous Smile) mlp season 6

Some of you asked for more Starlight & Spike, I hope that will do for now :) I have no idea if ponies play jenga, but if they do, I’m sure Spike is good at it.

I'm off on holidays as of today, see you guys in July! Heart  /)*(\


My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic © Hasbro


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lol Pretty sure you're bending the rules a bit there Glimmy! ;)
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No starlight no cheating
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...Yeah, Starlight would TOTALLY do this.
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Starlight you're such a cheater! XD
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I can imagine Spike goin' "That's not fair Starlight! You got magic!"
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But he has claws. It's tricky :>
DL-2's avatar
True. True. 

So how are you doin' dSana?
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What are you busy with I might ask?
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Day job, drawing & trying to learn stuff online :D I'm a busy bee.
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Heh you know? I saw some of your art and I like it. It's cool.
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Thanks! :-D
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Do you like Jenga my friend?
dSana's avatar
I like Jenga! :-)
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That's how I would play it. (:
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Let's face it. Starlight is not cheating. Ponies have hooves. How else are they going to play this? Spike is just being sore. Ironics I think that Hasbro hasn't introduced Jenga to the show.

They own both. And they did the same with Dungeons & Dragons. Cheating by changing the name, but that's what it was.
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