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Fixing Rainbow


Here’s something from Sombra’s timeline! Bionic wing, huh? I guess somepony is building those things, right? :)

I really enjoyed the finale, and hopefully more S5 pieces will follow soon (plus one season-themed in December). 
Most of my time these days is taken up by new comics. Stay tuned.

Heart Featured in EqD's Drawfriend Stuff #1742!

Story inspired by the art:…

Sketchbook + Inkscape + photo filters

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic © Hasbro


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I can't help but keep coming back to this piece of art. I've written my own alternate timeline based on "Starlight screws up the Rainboom," and yeah, it's pretty ugly. I can't imagine how traumatic that loss must have been for her; the initial hit, the falling, the mutilating landing... And yet she still fights. How strong do you have to be to do that?
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I'm glad this old work of mine is still interesting. I wanted to capture something "real" about this kind of injury, but not in a bloody or angsty way. I can't imagine the pain of the realisation - and then the feeling of hope she might fly again, after all.
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this is incredable and i can totoaly see this being cannonCannon Fodder 
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Thank you! :-)
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you are welcome :D
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Headcanon accepted.
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Bad news, we are not going to be able to save your wing.
Good news, you are going to look like a motherfucking badass!
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ah ive been waiting for art like this, and Im VERY happy with how it was shown thanks!!!!!!!!!! XD
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lol knowing the doctor, that wings hooked up for time travel, teleportation, and probably has a sonic screwdriver in there somewhere......
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I hope in season six the do more with background ponies,  celestia, luna, and chrysalis. I like the mane 6 but they need give love to others too.
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"I am The Doctor! And I help ponies!"
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so very awesome :)
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Looks like she's been shot down by anti-air, clipped and destroyed her left wing. At least she's still alive, and now she need some  upgrades and healing.
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The doctor is in!

"No worries Miss Dash, I'll have you fixed in no time! >No pun intended<
We'll just use some of the wibbly wobbly, cyber wimey things to get it done..." XD
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