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[Commission]: Swift Specter

By dSana
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OC commission for :iconironbuster:

"Swift Specter was an simple soldier, flying in an wing of 5 pegasi. One his last mission, while he was guarding 3 medical staff pegasi bringing supplies to an enclosed troop of unicorns, a spell hit his back and he chrashed into the ground. He was saved by the medical staff he guarded, but lost his wings and got a bit depressed. While questioned what had happen, he was offered to test artifical wings, but it's not the same."

Thank you for commissioning me! :-)

Clip Studio Paint Pro / Cintiq 13HD
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Who's "Swift Specter?"

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my OC for a Story i had in Mind. I have thename from a namegenerator and the Idea how he looks stuck in my Head a while

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BrightBulb13Student Traditional Artist

whoa for a moment i thought that was lullaby from a storm's lullaby

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on wings of steel we take flight!

awesome picture!!!!

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Uuuuh i like that. Can i use it in my story?

urzapw2000's avatar

i probably quoted something else myself, knock yourself out

Ironbuster's avatar

What? You said knock yourself out xD

urzapw2000's avatar

ha! yes but i wasn't expecting you to take it literally!

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Well we havent met bevor so you wouldent know xD

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TylerFreeFlightHobbyist Writer

Um.... Just a goofy comment but I have to! XD

It's gender bender Lulu in 14 years! :D

Nice work with the metal wings and I love the Celestia and sun at the tip of them!

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NateumsteadHobbyist Photographer

That looks pretty cool

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hihihi just noticed something. in the Tags stands "Earthpony". thats something i had in Mind for trigger him xD he is, after all, still a Pegasus. ^^

Pinkie pie (The map!) plz :but he has no real wings

Aye, but he also dont has Erthponymagic. He cant make Plants grow faster, and he is also not as strong or durable like them.

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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ops, my mistake :) I will fix it ASAP!
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its just funny. i was thinking about this could be an insult for him ^^

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Very cool.

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I like him too ^^ dSana did an amazing Job despite the few thinks i could say about him xD basicly color, what his mane looks and oh, he is a Pegasus with 2 lost Wings..

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That is pretty cool looking.

Looks a lot like a badass. :)

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Quite interersting, I had the same idea for a story once

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2 genius, 1 mind, huh?:)

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Anytime again ^^

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