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[Commission] Duel Of The Manes

By dSana
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This is commission for :iconcodyandgwen: who asked me to draw Starlight and Sunset duelling. Thanks for commissioning me, it was very interesting one to make! Also makes me wonder, are we ever going to see pony Sunset again? 

Fanfic inspired by this art: www.fimfiction.net/story/35499…

PS: Commission slots will be open again after 6th of December, please note me if you are interested :)


My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic © Hasbro

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XenoTeeth3Hobbyist General Artist

My votes on Shimmy

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It's an old drawing of yours but it's still one of your best. Just the best combination of cute and awesome.

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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist

Yes, I like it too.

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The grand hall of Twilight's Castle, as opposed to the town it was built in, was anything but silent in the night that overtook Ponyville. If somepony looked through the window, one could see teal and light blue magic bursts exploding in many random places. The muffled sound of explosions, fortunately, never escaped the walls.

The cause of the ruckus was simple: Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer were sparring.

The two mares slowly levitated themselves down from the ceiling. They were sweating, panting, and deviously grinning. They had been practice-dueling for almost an hour-and-a-half. Both of them were exhausted, even though neither of them wanted to admit it.

"How... was that...?" gasped Starlight, whose horn was smoking magic fumes.

"You're getting... better... all the time, Star..." Sunset puffed. "But... phew... if I sent a blast reflecting off that window over there, it would've nailed you right on your horn. Remember: ALWAYS watch your sides, and don't let 'em get behind ya."

"Y'know... There were plenty of times I could've teleported somewhere and blasted you... right from behind..." Starlight cockily grinned. "Lucky for you... I thought better of it."

"Heh..." Sunset chuckled. "I'm surprised you didn't use your Timeout move to slow me and the rest of the room down."

Starlight sneered confidently. "Yeah? Well, I was expecting you to blind me with a Solar Flare."

The two Unicorns quietly eyed each other

… … … 

"Wanna grab some Sparkle Cola?" Sunset suddenly asked.

"Sure. I could use a recharge..." Starlight followed her sparring partner to the kitchen.

Before long, the two mares who once duked it out in a fashion Goku and Vegeta would've been proud of were calmly sitting side-by-side, sipping on two nice, tall glasses of carrot-flavored Sparkle Cola.

Starlight looked over to her friend and interrupted the slurp-fest. "As a wise pony once said, 'It was a great fight.' You sure didn't have any trouble getting used to having a horn again, Sunny."

Sunset only smiled proudly. "Thanks, Glim-Glam. And I noticed that you're not letting your anger control you anymore. Instead, YOU'RE controlling IT, and using it well. If I were one of those psychos out there, I'd think twice before ever messing with you or the others!"

"I'm flattered." Starlight took another big swig. "Y'know... Tonight, we've been testing our skills on each other. And because we're friends, and because we don't want our teammates to get the wrong idea, we have to limit ourselves. You know what we should test our powers on instead?"

"...The bad guys?" Sunset quizzed.

"Bingo," Starlight eagerly smirked.

Sunset seemed to like Starlight's proposal. "Yeah... Imagine how much trouble the Blackhorns would be in if you and I laid into them together. They better watch out, because Twilight's band has two powerful magic-users to contend with."

Starlight nodded. "Yep. It's too bad Twilight herself doesn't join us. I know she hates it when friends fight, but... C'mon! It's just a training duel! I mean, what kind of friends would we be if we didn't make sure we kept each other's skills sharp?"

"That's just Twi," Sunset reminded her comrade. "Her best weapon isn't her horn, but her mind. She's good at outwitting just about everypony that opposes us... Plus, you and I do good as the 'magical muscle' of our gang."

Starlight looked at Sunset with a pleasant smile. "Yeah... You, me, Twilight... All of the magic-users in the team use it for different things. But... at least it's for a common goal: looking out for each other... and beating back the Nightmare Forces wherever they turn up."

Catching Starlight's thought like a butterfly in a net, Sunset returned her ally's warm smile. "You know it. And thanks. It's... nice to be able to have these little sessions. Helps blow off steam, y'know."

Starlight only gave Sunset a tired nod. The two decided to call it a night, in order to avoid the risk of waking Twilight and getting scolded like two misbehaving foals. They both crept to their room for a good night's sleep.

But when the lights went out...

"Tomorrow, we try space-warping, Glim-Reaper," Sunset whispered.

Starlight turned and grinned. "You. Are. On."
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Detective88Student Traditional Artist
Go Sunset! Starlight's a Mary Sue
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Self-doubt, anxiety, anger issues - these are not Mary Sue traits, though...
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Detective88Student Traditional Artist
OH, right. Sorry. ^^;. They aren't Mary Sue traits, but being overpowered is. 
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, aren't they all OP! :-D Except for Trixie. Thanks Celestia for that ;-)
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Detective88Student Traditional Artist
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Wandersoul8Student Digital Artist
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I'm hoping for Starlight and Sunset interact in the future episodes.
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sonicdash759Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sunset ftw!
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NewportMuseProfessional Digital Artist
:iconstarlightsexyplz: : You're good, Sunset. As Princess Luna would say, you're a most worthy opponent.

:iconsunsethappyplz: : Thanks, Starlight! Your magic is amazing! But I need to stop for now.

:iconstarlightshockedplz: : Why? We're having so much fun blowing each other up!

:iconsunsetplz: : Because of this... (closes her eyes and transforms back into a human)

sunset shimmer EqG 3 (happy) plz : I was in the human world for so long that I'm now human permanently. I used a shape-shifting spell to temporarily morph back into my old self.

:iconstarlightdozyplz: : Oh. (pause)

:iconstarlightsuspectingplz: : You still have your magic?

Sunset Shimmer Smirk Emoticon. : Duh! I morphed myself, didn't I?

:iconstarlightsexyplz: : Want to go another round?

Sunset Shimmer Emote : I was hoping you'd ask!

Sunset Shimmer Emote and :iconstarlightsohappyplz: brohoof and then go one more magic round.
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floravolaHobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting poses :3
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Sunset would win. I would love to see Sunset in the show proper, but the mere existence of Starlight makes that borderline impossible. 
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NewportMuseProfessional Digital Artist
This looks more like a friendly duel rather than a battle to the death. Starlight looks like she's smiling and Sunset has the face of a determined athlete rather than a killer.
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jeremeymcdudeHobbyist General Artist
I can see this magic battle with Star Wars Duel of Fates playing in the background.
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I would really like to see Starlight and Sunset go at it. :)
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Me for sure. I'll be cheering for Sunset, but I think Starlight is going to win.
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:iconsunsetplz: BEST PONY/HUMAN
:iconstarlightsohappyplz: BEST PONY/STUDENT
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Why not a draw? :)
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