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A Storm's Lullaby Page 175


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The consequences...

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not to criticize, but i would probably have focused what was going on with Fizzle and Thistle from pages 143 to the previous page and then have that intermission between that and this page where we switch back to lulu and copper, just so it was divided up a bit less

dSana's avatar

Yeah, I'm aware the flow is somehow flawed...

Tenshineko01's avatar

Thistle! Please be ok. Oh my goodness Tempest's eye!

Agent-DieGo's avatar

Tempest is alive! Whoa! Tough nut she is!

dSana's avatar

That she is :]

Galaxina-the-Magi's avatar

Funny how hatred can be easily killed by the fear of losing a loved one. Well…not FUNNY, but you know what I mean.

dSana's avatar
vinx909's avatar

"cue tempest"... yea, not quite i'm afraid. sorry Luu, mommies are busy, you'll have to save yourself.

dSana's avatar

not good...

awesome comic!!

So we've established her airway is clear and she's breathing okay, but how do you check circulation on a pony? I only know techniques for humans.

dSana's avatar

Good question!

ilvbrownies's avatar

This reminds me of a fanfiction I tried to do an audio production of a while back. In the 3rd chapter (I think) the main character got their hooves on the Alicorn Amulet and during the rush of power ended up hurting their dearest friend in the whole world (almost like a sister). That was in fact exactly enough to snap her free from the amulet's grasp.

dSana's avatar

It's a good trope.

WingMcCallister's avatar

Oh dear... The consequences, indeed.

bkleppe's avatar

Thistle NOOO omg please be ok

BrightBulb13's avatar

My celestia what happened to tempest’s eye

I really hope everyone is ok

good job Dsana you keep finding ways to keep us both interested and on edge

dSana's avatar

Thanks for reading!

vinx909's avatar

there have been moments where i thought i should maybe stop following the comic for keeping me on on edge so much. but i also can't not know what's going to happen next.

dSana's avatar

Ouch. Sorry for that! But thank you for sticking to the story nonetheless!

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