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A Storm's Lullaby Page 125


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Meeting again.

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Ahhhhhh! the suspense is too much. I sense a cut to Tempest and Thistle comming just to keep this tension going. Great comic timing!

dSana's avatar
May be a bonus page!

If that's who I think it is then what's the point of letting villains go or imprisoning them if they're just gonna come back for revenge? Villains like Tirek, Starlight Glimmer, Cozy Glow, or Queen Chrysalis especially.

dimetres's avatar

Oh you have got to be kidding me.Is it that jerk again?

So the good news is that you're not lost and randomly wandering anymore.

The bad news is that actually wasn't good news.

TheDruidoftheRetro's avatar

I'm gonna take a guess, it's either one of Lulus previous caretakers or somepony else instead.

dSana's avatar

Somepony else it is :)

Argos90's avatar

No, this is the catastrophic part!


poor Lulu!!

awesome comic!!!

JibberJams's avatar

Fireweed? Is that you?

Just-Call-Me-J's avatar

Crap, it's that other pony who was with Rusty near the start of the comic.

dSana's avatar

That's right.

SuperSonicHeroes2's avatar

That color doesn’t look like Rusty’s design, but either way, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

cmilonez's avatar

Better start runing.

Please,tell me,that a new interesting character,that we didn't saw previously...

dSana's avatar

Well, now you know ^^

bkleppe's avatar

oh no that is bad its him isn't it?

she still alive but the possin , don't tell me he found a cure did he .

I've been waiting for you dude.

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