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"The Greater Flame" readers!
Help Caustizer decide what should tipsy Stainlesstia :wink: make them do? Let us know in the comments, please! LOL 

Stainlesstia by dSana

Key & Berzie fans, here's another installement of "The Greater Flame" by talented :iconcaustizer: and :iconbonaxor: ^_^

The Greater Flame #23: Two Bugs, a Bat, and a Birb by Caustizer
'Ail-icorn' 🌡️ (Official Short)

Yesterday, Hasbro has released silly, little short about sick Twilight.
If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to watch it! The last bit is pure gold ;-)

The 2019 Community Collab is here! Can you find Key? :0

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Hey! Party 

Thank you SO MUCH for all your birthday wishes birthday cake   wonderful fanart Da Vinci Fella (Artists) , badges llama loveand litres of coffee  I've received  CoffeeYou are the best! Heart 3D 

dSana / Key 
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More Key (and Berzie!) fanart by :icondragondaak:

61. dSana (Ice Climbers) by DragonDaak
And one by :iconlovestruckdart: !

Happy Birthday dSana!!! by LovestruckDart

Thanks guys! <3
Just received an amazing present from :iconsketchbookguy27: :D (Big Grin) 
Stainless key by Sketchbookguy27
Greed by dSanaWell, folks...

Overmorrow is my birthday Have your cake and eat it too  One year closer to being dead! Yay sad 

I don’t usually do this, but...since some of you have kindly asked me what do I want for my bday...  Spike (Smile Widely) 

Bullet; Green You can make this day extra less depressing by buying me a cup of coffee Ko-fi Logo button icon  I usually get ideas for my stories/art when I sit in the cafe & caffeine is a wonderful poison that improves my drawing skills. I mean just look at this "spider on drugs" experiment:

Drugs2 by dSana
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Have a nice day  Heart 

dSana / Key

Lookit, I got a little gift for Spike's Day from :iconacewissle: ^_^
And as the year draws to an end, yet another strip staring Key was released by :iconcaustizer: and  :iconbonaxor: I really love that 8th panel!
The Greater Flame #21: Teacher of the Month by Caustizer
The greatest love story ever told:
Pasta La Vista by Pony-Berserker
I forgot to post it here >_< Keyzie saga continues! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow down Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow down Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow down 
Back in Black (part 1 of 3) by Pony-Berserker

New laptop
Img 20181216 105654 by dSana
I got my new laptop! It's refurbished Dell Latitude with stylus. And my first USB C computer :) (Smile)

Thank you so much everyone who donated -- you guys covered part of this emergency expense Heart  And lucky for us, no data was lost ;) (Wink) 
BTW! Last week I went to Warsaw and met a famous bug :D (Big Grin) 
Guess what, I met dSana IRL today. How cool is that?
Our OC's Berzie and S.Key are OTP
Dsana And Berzie Irl by Pony-Berserker
I got one more comic than I brought with me. I'm the winner here, am I right?
Also, I had too much wine.
Quick update...

My laptop has died :dead: revamp I'm looking for a replacement and I'll resume normal activity ASAP Angry geek girl 

PS: It's a huge blow to my budget, so if you feel generous Dollars you can support me here or here Smile :D 

I wrote a short article comparing MLP the Movie to the monomyth structure :D
Take a look! Arrow down Icon (animated) 

Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Light Purple Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Light Purple Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Light Purple 
Also, if you like stories about young Shining Armor, Cadance & Twilight -- check out Love is Magic drawn by GreenBrothersArt!
Love Is Magic Cover by GreenBrothersArt
Well, then. Stainless starrs in yet another awesome comic series "The Greater Flame" made by :iconcaustizer: and :iconbonaxor: Expect guns and *GASP* shipping?!  XD
Take a look! Down Arrow By Djidji Thirbaan-d7jjd9k 

:iconpony-berserker:'s latest strip not only features Key both as a pony and changeling (score!), it's an essential read for anyone who wants to draw fan comics Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow down 
Sins of the Many by Pony-BerserkerAs they say, you’ve got to know the rules to break them! :-)
I have thoroughly enjoyed "Best Gift Ever" -- I really love those slice of life slow-paced  storylines where each and every character gets enough screentime. All songs were great. And Discord's arc was a stroke of genius Clap 
Screenshot2 by dSana"Can't you do something?!"
"I did!"

As usual, here's blink-and-you-miss-it scene with my favourite duo, just after chasing Winterzilla :D
Screenshot by dSana
Please support anti-bullying charity buying this awesome Ponyville Ciderfes Official Convention Album! The music is gorgeous :] ->…
A1012902633 16 by dSana

Monomyth structure in MLP The Movie

Ever since MLP The Movie premiered last Autumn, I wanted to compare its  structure to that of a “monomyth”— a myth–based template often applied to modern storytelling.

Also known as the Hero's Journey, it’s a concept, popularised by Joseph Campbell, that describes an underlying structure of the story, broken down into recognizable chunks. But let me show you this in practice!

How can you summarise  MLP The Movie, Lion King, LotR, Star Wars Ep. IV and Harry Potter series in one paragraph?

It would go more or less like this: “the hero, who leads (what they perceive as) normal life, must leave their home to embark on a journey to the unknown world of dangers and wonders. Supported by a wise mentor, they fight the forces of evil, make allies and face the spiritual death and rebirth. Along the way they gain wisdom or/and a magical artifact that will allow them to restore peace at home”.

In that regard Twilight Sparkle, Simba, Frodo Baggins, Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter — despite all the plot differences — all share the Hero’s Journey.

[ Pixel ] Gloved Hand Point (WHITE) 1 - F2U Before we dig in, there are a few things to clarify:

1/ Scholarly work on the monomyth is filled with Jungian and Freudian psychoanalysis of mythology as reflection of deeper human desires. While the conclusion that Tempest role is to shatter  Twilight’s “superego” and make her aware of the workings of the universe is an otherwise interesting avenue to pursue, we will skip this sort of deep analysis here.

2/ This editorial focuses on
Twilight as she fulfills the Hero’s Journey as Movie’s protagonist — although at times some steps are  “outsourced” to Mane5 & Spike or even Tempest.

3/ Finally, a story doesn't have to follow
all the steps and/or in the same order; some might be inverted or exercised by supporting characters, as mentioned above. Frodo Baggins is a good example of how stories can differ: he seeks to destroy the artifact not obtain it and fails to regain the wisdom at the end. Yet, despite those differences, in each of those stories, we can map a coherent, recognizable structure.

Let’s begin!


Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet The Ordinary World

Just like with the peaceful Shire or boring Tatooine, the story find our heroines in what we know to be a normal life in Equestria. More precisely — Canterlot, Equestria’s capital city (and symbolically, Twilight’s town of birth).

“A magic day in perfect harmony”

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet The Call to Adventure

This normal life is interrupted...

“Here's the deal, ladies. I need your magic.”

...and Twilight receives The Call of Adventure.

“Seek help from the Queen of the Hippo—”

There are many ways in which hero receives the Call. Being sent abroad bybenign agent” is one of them. While Twilight didn’t receive the Call directly from Princess Celestia, she has no choice but accept it  as the only Princess standing:

“Luna can't, so I have to”.

Paraphrasing Campbell, the call of adventure  is to “a forest, a kingdom underground, beneath the waves, or above the sky, a secret island, lofty mountain top” — places filled with odd creatures, intense dangers and amazement.

voilà! Here we have the destinations, straight from the Campbell’s list . Even if there wasn’t enough screen time to flesh them out, they are at least hinted:

Bullet Point 08 “A dangerous forest”  (one of the important locations in the first drafts):

Bullet Point 08 “Beneath the waves”:

Bullet Point 08 “A kingdom underground” is not exactly underground, but it is dark, menacing and dangerous:                                

Bullet Point 08 “A secret island”:

Bullet Point 08 “Above the sky”:

Bullet Point 08 “Lofty mountain top” :

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Refusal of the Call

Sometimes the hero refuses the Call at first and doesn’t want to leave his or her home. In our case Twilight doesn’t refuse it; instead she assumes that her friends might:

“I understand you're scared, and nopony else has to go”.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Supernatural aid (or Meeting the Mentor)

Gandalf the Grey, Albus Dumbledore, Rafiki, Obi Wan–Kenobi and Princess Celestia are what Campbell calls a “supernatural mentor”, “the ageless guardians” or “a protective figure”.

They show up to aid the quest and sometimes provide the Hero with artifacts. Such person symbolises hope, promise, destiny, bigger powers at play — Princess Celestia is after all a thousand–years old Alicorn — that are “always and ever present within or just behind the unfamiliar features of the world”.   

Twilight has, of course, already met her Mentor and received tutelage and Princesshood from Princess Celestia prior the events of the Movie. In that regard, her personal journey starts much earlier, with the events described in The Cutie Mark Chronicles.


Nonetheless, in the Movie the Princess still offers our heroine a bit of crucial advice for the future:  

“You are the Princess of Friendship. You already have all the magic you need”.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Crossing the First Threshold

The adventure finally starts. Ponies and Spike leave Equestria — a place they know and understand — and venture into a dangerous, aliien Klugetown.


Campbell: “The adventure is always and everywhere a passage beyond the veil of the known into the unknown; the powers that watch at the boundary are dangerous; to deal with them is risky”.

This is quickly illustrated by Twilight using her magic, unaware that in this unknown place it might warrant an unwanted attention:
                                                                  “Hey! No magic around my merchandise!”

Campbell then writes: “the hero goes forward in his adventure until he comes to the 'threshold guardian' at the entrance to the zone of magnified power.” At the very entrance ponies meet Capper:

“You could really use a friend out here…”

Capper fulfils his role to “guide and aid” if only because he owns a crucial book — and a map — that points the ponies in the direction of Mount Aris.


There’s an interesting note about crossing the first threshold in Campbell’s work. He reminds us that “the usual person is more than content, he is even proud, to remain within the indicated bounds”. This is personified by Capper! He’s the opposite of the ponies, because at first he lacks the courage and determination to leave.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Belly of the Whale

The passing of “the magical threshold” is a moment when our heroes get completely separated from what they know, and leave the familiar Equestria behind.

How is the threshold described by Campbell? “The temple interior  (...) and the heavenly land (...) are flanked and defended by colossal gargoyles: dragons, lions, devilslayers with drawn swords, resentful dwarfs, winged bulls.”  If that sounds similar to Lord of the Rings is because that’s exactly the same step. Here is how the ponies first see the entrance to the Hippogriffs’ Kingdom:  


Once they step into the water, “the hero (...) is swallowed into the unknown ––


–– and would appear to have died”.


(It’s one of those blink–and–you–miss–it moments, but for a second or two, Twilight loses her consciousness after running out of air).

And guess what the next step as described by Campbell is?  “The devotee at the moment of entry into a temple undergoes a metamorphosis”:


That’s right — the ponies’ final detachment from Equestria is symbolised by changing their form and turning them into seaponies (well, and a pufferfish).


Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet The Road of Trials

This step, also known as the Tests, Allies, Enemies is about a succession of trials. This is the beef of the story; this is when our heroes are tested and often fail. “Dragons have now to be slain and surprising barriers passed — again, again, and again.”

Ponies and Spike defeat a series of smaller and larger obstacles throughout the Movie: they barely cross the desert, narrowly escape Klugetown, face the pirates and Tempest Shadow, climb Mount Aris, try to steal the Pearl.

“Meanwhile,” Campbell writes, “there will be a multitude of preliminary victories––

"Best... escape... plan... ever!”

––unsustainable ecstasies––


––and momentary glimpses of the wonderful land."


Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet The Meeting with the Goddess

“In the tabernacle of the temple” ponies  meet thegoddess  — in our case it’s a Hippogriffturnedseapony Queen Novo. In this step our hero often gains an artifact (the Pearl) that should aid her plight. However...

“I'm the queen. I know everything”.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet The Woman As a Temptress

...things go murky when a hero faces temptation and strays from her quest.


And so we have Twilight — desperate and  losing hope — abandoning Celestia’s teachings (You already have all the magic you need.) and trying to steal the Pearl (to “transform everypony at home into something powerful”), thus jeopardising the Quest.

Her ultimate downfall is through a falling out with her friends, stemming from her misguided belief that it ––

“is all on me”.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Approach To The Inmost Cave

Hero reaches “the inmost cave” where she’s faced with her greatest challenge yet. For Twilight, the “cave” is Tempest’s ship - and the cage.

"Aww, the "Princess of Friendship". With no friends!"

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet The Ordeal / Atonement with the Abyss

In this step, a hero confronts a being that holds an “incredible power” described as the power of life and death.


This step is also meant to help a hero “open his soul” — or, in the Movie...  

“Open up your eyes”.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Apotheosis

At this moment a hero achieves a greater understanding — or, in Twilight’s case, reaffirms what she already knew and betrayed.

It is fulfilled when she rejects the chance to get the powerful Staff of Sacanas and saves Tempest, her enemy,  instead. In Equestria, the friendship — and its many aspects—
is the most powerful magic after all.

Because this is what friends do”.

And to emphasise this moment of enlightenment, "Open Up Your Eyes" score can be heard in the background.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet The Ultimate Boon or Reward

The boon is an artifact, a lifegiving force. It’sthe miraculous energy of the thunderbolts of Zeus”, the Holy Grail, the elixir of life.  After the Storm King’s defeat, Twilight obtains the Staff of Sacanas, that has the powers to — no less — bring the Princesses back to life and restore destroyed Canterlot.  

“Now... we fix everything”.


Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Refusal of the Return

Some heroes refuse to return to the ordinary world after saving it (see again Frodo Baggins). This step however doesn’t apply to Twilight or her friends — it is partly carried out by Tempest, who is unsure about her place in Equestria after she’s helped to save it.

“I hope you'll stay”.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Rescue from Without

In this step “powerful guides and rescuers” lead a weakened hero back to the ordinary world. Captain Celaeno and her crew, Capper and Princess Skystar help the Mane 5 & Spike return to Equestria and aid Twilight.  “An apparent rescue is effected, and the adventurer returns."

“Y'all ready to do this thang?”

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet The Crossing of the Return Threshold

The hero must retain the wisdom upon her return to “the world of common” (her friends and Canterlot) and integrate what she has learned into everyone’s life. When Pinkie Pie says “You've got this, Twilight! ” for our enlinghed heroine it’s no longer “all on me” but:

We've got this. Together”.

Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Master of Two Worlds

This is where the hero achieves “a balance between the material and spiritual” like a transcending god-like character. It’s beautifully symbolised by the serene scene of Twilight slowly emerging from the sky after her near–death


Thanks For Sharing BLUE Bullet Freedom to Live

And so the hero, freed from “the fear of death” is given the the freedom to “live”. She can once again live in the moment, letting go of the past.


Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Purple Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Purple Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Purple 
So, did the Movie writers used the monomyth structure as a guidance? Not necessarily.

The structure exist because humankind has been unconsciously telling similar stories ever since the time of cave dwellers. The patterns exists because we created them to fulfill our need for order and hope and sense of justice and heroes that survive the trials and triumph over evil.

Some parts of the Movie followed the monomyth structure more closely than others — and it was fun to trace them down and analyse.

Thanks for reading! :D (Big Grin) If you would like to dig further, take a look at The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell (that hugely inspired George Lucas) or a more modern book  The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers by Christopher Vogler (who worked on The Lion King).






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