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:iconds-productions2:DS-Productions2 posted a status
merry christmas for those who are having a good time and all. though i have a new path ahead of me and that means this might very likely be my last ever status update in here. im not interested in FNAF anymore and i think thats for the good anyway. my watchers probably dont even recognize me anymore so yeah. i did have to experience a bit of drama here but not much, thats all. lol

"Basic 3D Modeler" is gone forever i guess, mostly because i pretty much quit 3D modeling as well because im not interested in it anymore. im not going to type this status professionally as i always do.
i just wanted some people to know if im alive or not. (spoiler: yes, i am.)

anyway yeah thats all. see you in the next few years or something, but that is IF im coming back or not. so yeah great. anyway farewell to you who bothered to read this status i guess. it was fun.

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Mnomemetic Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
merry christmas lad.
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