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Blue Girl: Nintendo DS Colors by GraphicAnime
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Colors!3D: Angels of Death's Isaac 'Zack' Foster by AncientEchidna
Saints Row's Professor Genki on my Nintendo 3DS by AncientEchidna
Danny Phantom's Vlad Masters on my Nintendo 3DS by AncientEchidna

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MLP FiM's Gilda on my Nintendo 3DS by AncientEchidna
Original Characters
p a r a s i t e by 3am-grem
woaaaa sharkie!!(turn down volume or else earrape) by 3am-grem
EYECANDY! by 3am-grem
Happy 12th Birthday to Stormy! by Catifornia
Close Up by ZjeroXytz
Hey! by ZjeroXytz
Eddie by ZjeroXytz
Drip by ZjeroXytz
3DS doodle dump by ZjeroXytz
Unknown constellation by ZjeroXytz
Watercolor Kitty Portrait for a Cat lover friend by Catifornia
Christmas Watercolor Pet Portrait for a Tabby Cat by Catifornia
Echidna Week 2: The Art Academy Guy Bought It by DecepticonFlamewar
Lesson 4 by MrBIGAL
Pear-Still Life Practice by Torchic1123
Lesson 3 by MrBIGAL
Chook Link - Tights by SkylaComics
Happy DSi Monster Is Happy by CoolKaius
adoptable base by phantom-adopts11
houseries by Exynthie
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Welcome to DS-Doodles! This group is devoted to artwork made via DS and DSi! Whether it was drawn on Pictochat, Flipnote Studio, Art Academy, Colors or Inchworm it can be a part of DS-Doodles!

Please read the rules below (in the Admin box) before submitting!
Founded 11 Years ago
Aug 20, 2010


Group Focus
Art Collection

138 Members
115 Watchers
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Please read these rules before submitting, even joining.

:bulletred:Deviations must be of drawings made on your Nintendo DS or DSI. Anything else is not accepted!
:bulletred: Any DS/DSI drawings are allowed but must within DA's rules! Yes that means DA appropriate, Yaoi, Yuri, Nudity, Violence etc. is allowed. But if the galleries become too flooded with those kinds of art, they will be banned. We are to have an extensive variety of DS/DSI art!
:bulletwhite: Please respect other deviants' art!
:bulletred: NO TEXT OR WORD DS/DSI doodles! For example, you typed up or wrote something in Pictochat.
:bulletwhite: No scribbles!

Please read the folder explanations so you know where to submit what!

Featured - Closed to submissions. Reserved for awesome works we will feature.
Fan Art - Fan doodles of your favorite characters, games, animes, movies, artists, etc.
Original Characters - For "OCs" and such.
Animated - Animated works from Flipnote Studio.
Fursonas - For doodles of your you-as-an-animal/creature character.
Animals - Self explanatory.
Objects - Did you draw a doodle of a bottle or some other inanimate object? This is were it goes!
Misc. Does your doodle seem to not fit in with the other folders? Send it here!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.










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sega-uranus Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a DS and a 3DS. I got questions.

-1 with what do you draw?
-2 how do you export drawings to pc?
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Ratcha Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Student General Artist
...This group seems to be dead. I've got a 3DS and currently testing out Inchworm. Anyone else? Hello? (echo: Hello?)
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TommysZombie Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Iam proud to be a member! Tahnk you :la:
MickyDuff Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Submitted 2 more pics to the misc folder and theyve gone into featured again ? Sorry to be a pain :( :)
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