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March 22, 2014
Yin and Yang animation (+tutorial +download) by DS-DNA
Featured by Thiefoworld
Suggested by Naeviss
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Yin and Yang animation +tutorial

Simple animation with Yin & Yang symbols.
You can watch tutorial  how to create this animation in Blender. 
3 hours to render it.
Watch this animation in realtime on Sketchfab page.

Also you can download Yin and Yang animated wallpaper (1080p 60fps) for Wallpaper Engine

23.03.2014 Thanks a lot for DD, favs and comments!)

You can also find or follow me on:
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Tigerwoman36's avatar
This looks so cool it’s so trippy lol ❤️
Flackern's avatar
This is an awesome idea and realization! So obvious — once I see it, but not before.
AlfaArtz's avatar
This Is So Confusing!
Reapervores's avatar
can this be a gif?
blue936's avatar
thats neat. great design.
KamonabeTengoku's avatar
DS-DNA's avatar
ToasterStrooder's avatar
Now this is trippy if I've ever seen it. 
MyEmeraldTears's avatar
this is so cooL HOLY CRAP??? omg
Faimi's avatar
This is really cool! 
ColorfullyMonotone's avatar
Oh my god...I love this XD It's so satisfying to watch and such an original way to express the meaning of the Yinyang
Cagnaccio87's avatar
I think I will spend my entire afternoon watching this... it's just amazing XD congrats!
popzel127's avatar
Wow! This is almost hypnotic!
Corgite's avatar
this is a really cool animation :O
thoughttrainderailed's avatar
Absolutely incredible!  I love it!
TetrisFan02's avatar
QuentinZero's avatar
holyyy shit thats weird
amusun100's avatar
that is epic how does that even work i like it
Alphaman3342's avatar
Wow this is so awesome 
NinCat's avatar
Really awesome! °-°
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