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Box Redesigned for Actual Box

So this is the box design based off an actual box I bought at Target.

The Box I used for Dimensions: [link]

Board it's designed for: [link]

Initial Design: [link]

Image Sources:
Board section: :iconsup3rgh0st:
Background: :iconkishmond:
Pinkie on Board: :iconalando99:
Dice: :icondurpy:
MLP: FiM Logo: :iconzozi664:
Celestia: :iconocarina0ftimelord:

Hasbro Logo: [link]

Mane 6 On Edges:
Rainbow Dash: :iconcrimsonlynx97:
Pinkie Pie: :iconpatekoro:
Rarity: :iconboem777:
Applejack: :iconund34d951:
Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy's Body: :iconsulyo:
Fluttershy's Tail: :icondonnyku:

What I have so far: [link]

UPDATE 29 November 2012: I have started to design the inner box that holds all the components here's a picture of what i have so far: [link]
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Just makeing sure before i download this
you dont mind people dowloading and useing this right?
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Go ahead, thats a main reason its up here is so that people can make their own. Good luck with it. Tip: I used double sided tape and it worked amazingly.
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This looks great! Sadly if they ever decided to make this version it would likely have those really terrible vectors they always use instead of all of these nice ones.
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vezzek's avatar
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i love you....
no homo
Animetoria's avatar
shut up and take my ******* money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
schneelocke's avatar
Haha, great idea! Monopoly's a horrible game, but a pony version... yeah, I could get behind that. :)
Shut up and take my bits!
Names-Tailz's avatar
I demand Hasbro make this real!
taiwan-misa00's avatar
i wish i had money
DALTONS7's avatar
Shut-up and take my money.
boem777's avatar
oh wow. very nice! :D
CrimsonLynx97's avatar
Haha! I like it! :D
DrZurnPhD's avatar
Glad to hear it.
AdistroughtWOLF's avatar
WHY IS THIS NOT A THING!?!?!?!? put this in a store and I will throw my wallet at the building!
DrZurnPhD's avatar
Beats me, they're both Hasbro properties.
knot8head's avatar
I wonder what the game pieces look like?
DrZurnPhD's avatar
I plan on using the blind bag ponies, they're perfectly sized.
knot8head's avatar
That's what I was thinking. Are you going to use the Mane Six, or are you going to paint over them to make background ponies?
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