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The Love Bug

For the contest at: :icondisney-club:

The challenge of the contest was to create an artwork for a live action Disney movie. :D

My favorite, of course, is The Love Bug(1968). And, I'm fairly certain this is the only picture on DA with all four main characters. Hehe. XD

I made it Wallpaper size. Yee-hoooo!


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MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Cute one of Hebie here
TinyFeatherpants's avatar
Its HERBIE :D I love that movie AWESOME!!!
1000guy1's avatar
I can't wait to see this movie on blu ray. Can you do me a request can you please make blu ray cover of The love bug please.
DrZime's avatar
If I had time I'd take you up on that. :)
But, for now you'll just have to wait!
1000guy1's avatar
1000guy1's avatar
great one I love it the first 3 Herbie movies where so cool have you seen Herbie goes bananas it was bit corny and silly and not as good as the first 3 films what do you think Herbie goes bananas.
DrZime's avatar
I've only seen the first one. ^^;
1000guy1's avatar
you missed the 53 on the side but other wise it brings back memories! :)
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carsdude's avatar
awsome job!

herbie is so cool!
MsPheonix's avatar
Weee, go love bug! :dance: Love the splashy water effect!
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Wstv-News-23's avatar
its awesome! good job!!
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mpcp13's avatar
I love it when you do Disney classics. Especially ones that I really enjoyed when I was younger.
DrZime's avatar
:D Makes me happy just to do them!
Glad you like it~
TheSeaKnight's avatar
Hm, now, when they say live action, are they being really strict about it, or could it be for a movie like Roger Rabbit or Pete's Dragon? Just curious.
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The rules are pretty open. :nod:
You can see them here: [link]
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