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Star Trek Wars: Data and C3PO

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:iconc3poplz::iconsaysplz: At least you're still in one piece! Look what happened to me!
:icondataplz::iconsaysplz: I was just a head once.

Entering both the :iconstarwars-club: and :iconstartrek-club: contests at once! Heehee.

The challenge at the Star Wars club was to drawing some sort of tech, so I chose the droids themselves, and the challenge at the Star Trek club was to include all seven colors of the rainbow in your picture.

And I threw in Spot and R2 for good measure.

Isn't being a geek glorious?

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The ginger cat, is Jones from Alien ?
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Spot, Data's pet
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Two 'souls' find they may have more in common than some individuals think
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Oh yeah, I can see this :D
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DrZimeHobbyist Digital Artist
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The idea of them interacting would be something I wish fanfics were able to properly make, although fanfic does show R2D2 being a bit of a show-off and actually outdoing Data (mental image is funny XD)
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GeoffrynHobbyist General Artist
This reminds me of when we tested a space-folding mechanism, and ended up in a galaxy far, far away....

"Sir, they're shooting laser beams at us.  That won't even make it past our navigational deflectors!"

"Hmmm.  They're at least 200 years behind Federation technology.  The Prime Directive applies, ladies and gentlemen.  Be most careful!"

Ways we violated the Prime Directive:

1) Beamed out: "Don't shoot us, Mr. Vader!  We surrender!  (energize!)
    "Lord Vader, they disintegrated themselves rather than be captured!"
    "Commendable, but I still want that ship!"

2) Ricky (our Chief Engineer) traded a crashed shuttlecraft for a hover-bike--WITH ITS MEMORY CORE INTACT!!!!   We made it back to Earth safely...and Admiral Uhura was mad enough to chew tritanium.

"Captain Sanchez...you and your crew are going back.  You are to get that shuttlecraft back, or destroy it...especially the computer core.  Do NOT return without accomplishing your mission.  Am I clear?"

"Perfectly, ma'am!"

Needless to say, Lt. Ricky Drake went to the very BOTTOM of the promotion list!!! :) 
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Neville6000Hobbyist Photographer
These three would get along great; amazing work.
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BalloonPrincessHobbyist Filmographer
Splendid!  :)
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Ha ha, this is great, I love it, thank you! Giggle Clap 
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DrZimeHobbyist Digital Artist
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Cool idea.
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tkmiller85Hobbyist General Artist
O.K. Coolest thing I've seen in ages, way to add a kitty!
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DrZimeHobbyist Digital Artist
:XD: Thanks!
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BlazingCoralStudent General Artist
Hey, congrats on being featured in the article today!

I'd forgotten about this pic but it's still cute. %D
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DrZimeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :XD:
I never thought I'd get featured on this site ever again. Not as good as a DD, but I'll take it.
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oCrystalArtHobbyist Digital Artist
You even put in Datas kitty QuQ
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DrZimeHobbyist Digital Artist
Yup! That's Spot. :D
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Great mashup!
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DrZimeHobbyist Digital Artist
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Rockyrailroad578Student General Artist
I can't even.
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FeatherQuilt88Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh that's adorable!! :iconawwwplz: Yay for Star buddies! :D
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DrZimeHobbyist Digital Artist
^0^ Thanks!
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