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The #Asimov-Club dropped by my page the other day, and said I should join. So, I did! :D

And, here's some new Asimov Art. Hehe.
I don't do art for books that often, but I'm always happy to do it because I get to imagine the characters how I want (within only some limits).

These two are R. Daneel Olivaw the Humaniform robot, and Gladia from Solaria.

Based on a scene from Robots and Empire where Gladia suggests having some of Daneel's memories dumped so that his positronic brain will last longer.
He says that would be fine, but only if he was able to choose which ones he got to keep - speaking specifically of those having to do with his long-dead friend and partner in solving homicide and roboticide, Elijah Baley.

Blah blah blah. I made it wallpaper size because I just acquired a new monitor that's much bigger than my old one.
If you want a smaller size, hit download. :)
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Poor Daneel.. he missed his friend. And by the end of Robots and Empire he lost Giskard too, being alone and with a Galaxy to care for.. This is such a great reproduction of the scene, almost put me in tears.