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Mrs. Jonathan Brisby?

By DrZime
My sister and I were watching Anastasia tonight, and I got in the Don Bluth mood so I drew something for his Magnum Opis; The Secret of NIMH.
Also I hadn't drawn anything for a few days, and you know what they say: use it or lose it! :D

If you have a version of the movie with commentary, I suggest you listen to it. It's a really good track!

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Easily one of my childhood favorites :3
DrZime's avatar
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This movie creeper me out when I was little but it was so good.
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Oh my gosh, awesome! :D 
Kathedraal's avatar
I absolutely loved this movie as a kid! Heart 
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:bulletyellow: A pretty pic with a awesome look! :clap:
TempusReflections's avatar
Love this! NIMH is one of my favorite movies of all time =)
Travtron7000's avatar
most terrifying moment of childhood ever...
who-stole-MY-name's avatar
... you know, this one's got me remembering the whole movie and I just gotta get this out:
Mrs. Brisby reminds me of my old mouse, Toffee.
She had a litter of 4 babies, and she got very sick, whatever she had was untreatable, no medication did anything for her, but she somehow managed to hang on untill her babies were weaned.
just like Mrs. Brisby who did anything to save her kids.
who-stole-MY-name's avatar
sorry for the long ramble ^^; I just had to get it out.
good art makes people remember after all.
who-stole-MY-name's avatar
that owl was so freakin' EPIC!
very mystical looking, like an old, ancient wizard.
and I loved the way his eyes changed when he was about to hunt.

Once again, I LOVE your choice of colors :)
Vek-nilash's avatar
That owl is so awesome in the movie.
StarstruckBliss's avatar
This looks amazing :) captures that moment very well!
Loryska's avatar
This was one of the most memorable moments from that movie. o3o
DraegusFalls's avatar
Wow talk about a blast from childhood past. Excelent Job.
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Awesomely done :). I've heard a lot of good things about the movie but I've only seen it once. I like Titan A.E. a lot though
DrZime's avatar
Titan A.E. is very cool even though they said they needed another year to work on it (you can really see it in spots).
vegiboy3000's avatar
ah. oh. what are some spots you're talking about?
DrZime's avatar
Mostly the CG (minus the ice part of course), they also said a few other things in the commentary, but I forget what. ^^;
vegiboy3000's avatar
Oh. I'll have to watch it again I guess. While I did notice one or two lacking things here or there, I really like it overall :). In terms of Secret of NIMH, I liked it a lot but I didn't find it as deep as I've heard some people have said. Maybe I'm overanalyzing it though :shrug:
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Hnnnnggg. Right in the nostalgia!
Fantastic work here!
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