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TLOFFS Chapter 3.2 - Training day (And meat)
Chapter 3 - Training day (And meat) (cont.)
Well, that was something. Yeah. How do I put it… Spyro just flew away. With those little wings of his. That was physically impossible! Batter stood beside me and was rubbing his chin. Although his expression didn’t change much, I knew he was at least slightly amused by the sight. Karter was silent, just wheezing every now and then, and Zacharie kept chuckling quietly as five of us watched purple speck disappear in the clouds.
“May the Ancestors look after you” Ignitus said, looking up, “May they look after us all.”
Grey clouds slowly crept over the sky, filling it with thick veil. Soft wind brought the wet smell. Perhaps it will be raining soon. Well, this doesn’t matter; I need to ask Ignitus to train me.
“Ah, Alexandr, it’s good that you showed up” Ignitus takes the initiative as I enter the room with the Pool of Visions, “I actually wanted to talk to you.”
I nod
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TLOFFS Chapter 3.1 - Training day (And meat)
Chapter 3 – Training day (And meat)
“Well, I think that’s it for the day,” Zacharie finally said.
Tiredness suddenly washed over me like a tidal wave, and I yawned wide. Same happened to Spyro as well. And Sparx followed shortly.
“Right, so what now?” I asked, stretching in a feline manner. Wow, that feels good. “We go for night rest now, obviously, but what’s our next step?”
“…” Ignitus looked down on me, then on the purple dragon. “Spyro…” He says, closing his eyes and letting out a sigh, “I know it could be too much to ask, but…” He paused, opening his eyes and looking at specks of Warfang’s lights on the horizon, “I need your help. WE need your help…”
“I don’t know if I can, Ignitus…” Spyro shook his head, “I-I mean, I just learned what I am…”
“Yes, you can, Spyro” Ignitus crouched and
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You took a wrong turn by DrZed You took a wrong turn :icondrzed:DrZed 1 0 Purification Failed by DrZed Purification Failed :icondrzed:DrZed 0 0
TLOFFS Chapter 2 'Empty Temple'
Chapter 2 – “Empty Temple”
Of course, we didn’t get very far.
A deafening roar came from above, and a menacing shadow flew by.
“Waaah!” Spyro yelled.
“Gah!” I gasped as we both dashed forward into a mushroom grove.
“Wooah calm down Sparx, go to your happy place!” I heard the dragonfly scream.
We hid below thick cluster of mushrooms and waited for a bit.
“What in the world was that thing?” I whispered.
“I dunno,” Sparx replied, wiping his forehead, “But I’m going this way” He pointed deeper into the mushroom forest, “As far away from it as possible.” And then he dashed there.
“Sparx, wait up!” said Spyro as we followed his brother.
We ran for a short while and ended up near a small hole in the ground. Of course, Sparx just had to go there.
“So do we go in?” I ask, almost rhetorically.
“We are, I’m not leaving my brother there on his
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TLOFFS Chapter 1 'A Stab of Adventure'
Chapter 1 – “A Stab of Adventure”
Say, what do you expect when you lay in bed for the night rest?
 I guess not ending up in black void with strange, sinister quiet whispers surrounding you.
 Then there is a voice, which sounds like it comes from inside my head.
 “What is your name?”
“Are you a boy or girl?”
Huh. “I’m a boy… last time I checked, at least.” Why am I not so sure anymore? What a weird dream. But dreams are supposed to be weird, aren’t they?
 “Welcome, Alexandr.” Says the voice, “You have been chosen for a mission of great importance.” Uh-huh. “Your mission is to purify the world from corruption that poisons it. We have assigned a being known as the Batter to aid you in your mission.” A ghostly figure of a tall man in white shirt, pants and black sports shoes and baseball cap. Suitab
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Purification in progress... by DrZed Purification in progress... :icondrzed:DrZed 0 2 The Last before the storm - prologue P1 by DrZed The Last before the storm - prologue P1 :icondrzed:DrZed 0 1 Stare into the abyss... by DrZed Stare into the abyss... :icondrzed:DrZed 0 1 Mind Feeder by DrZed Mind Feeder :icondrzed:DrZed 2 1 Forgotten Gods by DrZed Forgotten Gods :icondrzed:DrZed 1 1 (wip) Forgotten Gods by DrZed (wip) Forgotten Gods :icondrzed:DrZed 0 0 Razorblade by DrZed Razorblade :icondrzed:DrZed 0 0 Jabberwocky by DrZed Jabberwocky :icondrzed:DrZed 1 1 FW Terran Battlecruiser by DrZed FW Terran Battlecruiser :icondrzed:DrZed 2 2 The end of all by DrZed The end of all :icondrzed:DrZed 1 0


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Alexander Zed
Current Residence: U.S.S.R.
Favourite genre of music: Mostly metal, but also somewhat me[ga]lomaniac
Favourite style of art: I draw whatever i please... and i please whatever i draw
Favourite cartoon character: Balto, Darth Vader
Personal Quote: Live in Russia instead of playing post-nuclear RPGs.
Oooookay... this is kinda lame.


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