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Spacetime's Finest No. 3

Spacetime’s Finest No. 3, Featuring Superman & The Doctor vs. Brainiac & The Daleks on Krypton!

YET ANOTHER weird old comic found in the back/forward issue bins down at the MCS (Multiversal Comic Shop). The first issue of Spacetime’s Finest was a super rad find, and the second one was astonishingly cool, but I can’t believe I found the third CONSECUTIVE issue of a book no one’s heard of! I have an actual degree in comics and it’s got me stumped. As I’ve said before, I love these kinda team-ups, and the Doctor and Superman are the best (besides Batman), so I figured I’d post this one here for you guys, too!

(Just kidding, I drew it.)

Print available here:
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This is brilliant on every level - right down to the TARDIS filtering the red sunlight to yellow around Superman! :D I so need to read the whole story now... Anyone have an extra copy? ;)

The oldest question in the book: Could a Dalek ray kill Superman? 

Answer....probably not.  But it'd be fun to watch. 
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Everyone should know about this
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them ones when you realise the daleks really wouldn't be able to cope with the justice league
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Superman punching out a Dalek.
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If that comic book existed I would be reading it.
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This looks like it could be a real comic. Really cool. But you forgot that Superman doesn't have any powers under a red sun.
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i didn't. i used the tardis to extend yellow sun light around the action. but, of course, it's just my personal head canon there.
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Love fake comic book covers!
Great job!
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SOOOOOOOOm much fun here.... I wanna read this so bad!
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Now this would be an interesting crossover.
This needs to be a real thing. NOW!
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Wait a second. The sun in the sky is red. Which means Superman should just be a normal person. But there he is, clearly flying and punching a Dalek in the eye-stalk. What the fuck?
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Um, he's definitely punching the Dalek there, but clearly not in the eyestalk.
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The TARDIS is filtering the light hitting Superman. Figured this out before I finished it. ;)
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I didn't even know it could do that.
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it can do a lot of cool shit.
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That is so awesome. I would buy every issue. XD
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And not so outside the realms of possibility, IDW are publishing a Doctor Who Star Trek TNG crossover, so Superman and Doctor could happen.
And then you have LEGO Dimensions...
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