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The bisexual umbrella

A little graphic I made. I hope people would find this useful :)

Feel free to download, print or spread it around as much as you like :) (if possible, with credit).
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I'm Pansexual and I like this

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I don't wanna be a hater but I don't believe in Hetero/ Homo flexible
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I loved it! Very helpful and informative!
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This was so informative!! Thankyou so much for making this, you are wonderful Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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This umbrella is fantastic! But I'm also a little bit disappointed with how there are not enough definitions for men in return. I mean I know they are there, we can see them. Especially when there are options for homoflexible or lesbiflexible. But why not add terms like, "fabi", "fagbi", or "bisexual-gay" for men as well? There are an equal number of fluid men as there are women. Just like an equal number of men and women who are not fluid. So I would like to see more of those. :-) 
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TtRavenFan1 I believe it's referred to as the Bisexual Umbrella, as it's the original term that was coined to denote someone who is NOT monosexual (romantic and/or sexual attraction to memebers of one sex or gender only). It's the term that most people will recognize, even if they're not involved in/knowledgeable of the LGBT+ community. Someone may not want to have an in-depth discussion about what it means to be pansexual, or biromantic & heterosexual, etc., etc., etc.
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The umbrella is so cute. :heart:

I never really knew there was so many terms that falls under the bisexual category.

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Bi-Pride forever! Ill be bi until the day I die!
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I would have to say that I think polysexual is the umbrella term, and bisexuality should fall under it. Poly- means more than bi-, so it's just simple linguistics, I think.
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soo so helpful. THANK U!
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Such a helpful diagram ^^. So cute too.
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So are all the ones beneath the umbrella specific examples of bisexuality or all they all different?
I think I might be lesbiflexible, but right now I'm just gonna stick with bi.
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I identify as a politically-bisexual omnisexual Queer. I feel pride in and identify with the bi pride flag (& I proudly wear its colors). I figure if some people can identify as politically-lesbian bisexuals, then I can identify as a politically-bisexual person.
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Holy . . . . is it okay to be simultaneously confused and NOT confused at the same time?
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Thank you for this!
I usually have issues with terms like "heteroflexible" and even "bisexual", preferring "queer", however this graphic does a great job of presenting many orientations that fall under "the bisexual umbrella" in a very positive light. I like the graphic and the language used. This must be shared.
How may I share this, and give credit to you? Will a link back to this page suffice?
I would like to add the graphic to my FetLife, Facebook and LJ profiles.
Thanks ^_^

You can share it however you like :) If you want to place a link, better direct it to my blog ([link]) or my tumblr ([link]).
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I'm Bisexual, But I Suppose I Am Also Queer?
Thanks so much to everyone :D <3
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This not only cute, but has great definitions! I generally tell people I'm a bisexual Lesbian, (or lesBIan, as I call it) but I suppose I could Identify as poly, queer, fluid or Lesbiflexible. :XD:
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I've used the term lesBIan to describe myself before. XD Or a lesbian with very few exceptions.
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I didn't know anyone used the term! :XD: (and here I was going "harharhar, I'm so clever lol.")
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