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A sunrise as viewed from space.
This is a late piece for me, done over the span of a couple of days.
Heavily influenced but not copied from this.


Everything else was 100% Paint.Net (and my first image with v4.0)

Download here to view in HQ.
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Thanks man, how's things going?
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well... not bad.  The only problem is that I spend all day on a computer for my job, so when I get home I don't even want to look at one!  How has life been for you?
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Pretty good. Finished my first year at Uni and eagerly waiting for results. Do you lurk the forums much anymore?
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Nice!  I wish you luck!

I don't even lurk anymore...  I left the PDN forums and the fans forums due to not having time to check them very often, not to mention I don't use PDN at all anymore...  I was forced to pay the money for the Adobe suite and to spend the time to learn all the programs, so I might as well keep using them! :)
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those clouds look amazingly realistic XDD WOW! GREAT WORK HERE!! xDD 
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Paint.Net? I could never figure that out...  GIMP was hard enough
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I've messed around with GIMP once but could never get used to it. 
Paint.Net because very user-friendly if you give it time :)
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Okay...this has got to be the most realistic space scene I've ever seen! It kind of scares me because of its vastness. Wow! :winner: :wow:
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Thanks Helen! :) I had a bit of trouble getting the planet to the right to look decent but pretty sure I just scraped through it :p
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It's magnificent! Believe me, it's a stunner!
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Really nice. Good work
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