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This one was polished up in...I have no idea. Give me some subtle ideas and I should be able to update it :)

Greatly inspired by: [link]

Everything else is 100% Paint.Net.

Original Size: 1900x1200

Download here for full quality.
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Dnero99's avatar
id love to add a transparent face there. lol, just a mad idea of mine
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..Maybe some other time ;D
Kendra711's avatar
Such nice colors!
JofJAX's avatar
Reminds me of the God nebula in Futurama :P
Cyriixx's avatar
I really like this, but i agree with the person below. The planet may be a bit TOO subtle. It could be mistaken for, say, a piece of dirt on the screen, or an accidental leftover that you missed. It also reminds me a lot of one of my own pieces :) (This one [link] )
Drydareelin's avatar
Okay I agree now :) Planet is now brightened up a bit!
heatstroke99's avatar
Maybe brighten up the planet a bit? :shrug: Looks good though!
Drydareelin's avatar
Okay I've been convinced to brighten it up now :P
Drydareelin's avatar
I wanted it to be a 'subtle' planet ;D was originally bigger but I hated the look, so yeah ^^ Thanks for the fav
HelenLight's avatar
I like it the way it is. Maybe you can add a spaceship with amazing highlighting going on...
Drydareelin's avatar
That's not a bad idea :P Maybe for a future picture though ^^ (So I can concentrate on it more)
HelenLight's avatar
Yeah, that would be great.
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