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Art in the Mathematics

A new, simple piece I did for a Youtube speed art. It combines 2 things I like, Space and Maths.

The equation arranges (with some possible error..) to say "Paint.Net" which is what I used to make it.

The equation was wrote using an online Latex Mathematics Simulator.

Youtube Speed art Link:…

View in HQ here.
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Oh wow this is incredibly wrong. Even the notation. You have to give a parameter. I assume it is t, so you should multiple dt inside the integral.

if we ignore constant since we are just solving for fun;

ln(t)/t^2=1/pai(n^2) which does not makes sense. We couldn't even find a real solution.

Sorry, dude.
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Just quoting something said last year "It is very crude mathematics but the logic is buried in there somewhere"
I wouldn't recommend correcting something when it's clearly a joke. Even the description says "with some possible error..".

Also, if you integrate 1/cabin (d cabin) you get a houseboat, although I don't predict that'll be on my next exam.
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How does that equation  says "" ? : o i know some integrals, but that... wow 
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Eh I'll try and explain.

Integrating will give you: 

Which can also be written as:

Anti-Log one side:

Multiple the 'n':

Rearranging gives you:

I hope you were able to follow :p
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Mmmm, so... "ainpt" isn't a mathematical funcion ._. ? .... you're using it as independent variables.... makes sense
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Yeah that's the general idea. It is very crude mathematics but the logic is buried in there somewhere
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I've always loved math. And Physics. I just wish there was a person who could've explained it very well.. I didn't really like Geometry because my teacher in high school was really bad. 

Besides the point, this is gorgeous. I love how the plain white letters are nicely set on such a gorgeous background. Your idea of the equation is really cool. 
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Thank you! If you really want to know, I could show you how to solve it :) (It will just be a list of equations showing each step as an image)
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My sister majored in Math and she took lots of courses in Math, and all the equations all looked so confusing. I didn't take anything higher than Probability and Statistics, so "Differential Equations" or "Analysis" or "Calculus" or "Linea Algebra" all I missed out on in college and I don't know how to solve any of the equations. Although, knowing myself, I would've solved them without a problem. I'd love to see the step-by-step, but my sister would have to help me out understanding what it is that you did.
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As I stated in the description, it's very crude mathematics so won't be completely right. The absolute correct equation looked really bad when put onto PDN, but here's the solution:
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Okay. My sister quickly explained what you did. Pretty cool. Thank you!
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Did she correct me at all? ;D 
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Nope. She didn't. Both my sisters (one's a pro in Math and one's just good at everything) said it looked good and saw what you did. 
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An equation that arranges in a word?Thats a really smart move. Clap 
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It's not the first, and I've seen better, but this style is quite original :) Thank you! 
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