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Another Planet's Imagination

My entry for the Sun & Moon Contest (in the Digital Art category).

I wouldn't say this is anything amazing, but it's new for me.
+ The person who originally took the sunset photo wanted me to make a manipulation of it :)

Information for the contest (all might not be needed):

Program used: Paint.Net
Date completed: 27/08/2012

Nebula stock used (thoroughly manipulated though).

Sunrise by ~madaboutdogs. Told you I'd do something with it :)

The planets are my own creation, as well as the comets.

How does this relate to the Sun & Moon contest then?

Well, the sun is the obvious part here. The stock is a sunset.
The moon on the other hand may be a little more tricky to explain.
The large planet you see is actually a planet. It's far too big to be taken as a moon if we were on Earth; but (you know where this is going) this doesn't exactly look like Earth.

For another, more simple reason, there are 2 more tiny moons in the image. One above the large planet, and another silhouetted against the sun.

Hope this was enough information to enter!

Download for full detail!
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BirchTreeRoad's avatar
nice - especially the reflection!
Drydareelin's avatar
Haha thanks :) It doesn't seem right to me personally :p
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Oh, it's amazing! I love it!
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heatstroke99's avatar
The sky is really nice! I love the contrast. The reflections of the moons seem a little weird, but its not bad.
Drydareelin's avatar
They seem to be a real bother with this xD I did mess around with positions but could seem to get them right. Any ideas how I could alter them? It would have to be a very slight alter, since I don't exactly name my layer...and with 40+ including many duplicates, it takes me ages to go through them :P
heatstroke99's avatar
Yeah, thats the one thing i really dont like about PDN, you cant create folders for the layers.

I dont really have any suggestions, except maybe do some searching for some examples ([link]). The only thing that I can really come up with is to run dents on the reflections a bit more. Sorry, but I havent done anything like this before, so I dont know how to help ya. :ashamed:
Drydareelin's avatar
Hmm :P I'll leave this one how it is, and remember these for the future :)
HelenLight's avatar
This is really cool. Since the sun is close to the horizon and the planet's a little higher, the planet's reflection would probably be closer to us (the viewers). Nonetheless, a beautiful piece!
Drydareelin's avatar
I figured, since it was for a competition, to fix it. Thanks for pointing it out (even thought I knew, it still helps) and thanks for your nice message :D I am querying to myself whether I should post it on the forum atm :P I've posted a little too much on there recently.
HelenLight's avatar
I don't think that you posted too much. It's great to have someone posting to keep the forums alive.
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